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Yolanda Kakabadse WWF: End YOUR Trophy Hunting Safaris in Partnership with USA TH Dallas Safari Club

Yolanda Kakabadse WWF: End YOUR Trophy Hunting Safaris in Partnership with USA TH Dallas Safari Club

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This petition has been created by Louise D. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Louise D.
started this petition to
Yolanda Kakabadse is WWF’s International President and USAID

WWF&colon End YOUR Partnership with the USA Pro‐Hunting Lobby Groups in Africa. People NEED to know that this is THE CRIME OF THE CENTURY The World Wildlife Fund ( WWF) in Africa is in bed with the USA Pro‐Hunting Lobby Groups&colon‐

1) Dallas Safari Club,

2) National Riffle Association( USA WEAPONS INDUSTRY )

3) Safari Club International ;‐


This means of the Pro‐ Hunting Lobbyists ;are LOBBYING CONGRESS to promote their brand of "CONsevation" to pass Laws, in the USA Senate ; with no resistance from anyone ; to dictate and manipulate the 'Hunting Agendas' in African Countries , which, TRANSLATES as giving leaders of African Countries HUGE BRIBES to maintain Trophy Hunting with financial rewards for doing so which , is too tempting to resist and most African Leaders give in willingly to destroying their own environment .

USA"Overseas Funding' given to Africa is in effect being corrupted and misused driving greed, like a feeding frenzy , not seen since the Gold Rush in the USA , the same " greed is NOW DESTROYING THE AFRICAN NATURAL WORLD FOREVER AND WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME TO STOP THIS MADNESS we are loosing everyday too many iconic ancient land giants because no one is protecting them.

Instead of assisting the countries out of poverty with Western ,"Overseas" Aid and Funding given by The USA , MONEY is now destroying the whole African Continent to make a few Greedy USA Corporations and Investment Bankers and people involved wealthier as they are profiting from Wildlife Extinction , directly causing it to happen to make a lot of money .

The USA Senate has Bastardised the meaning of 'Conservation ' which , is now responsible land clearances, Evicting Tribes from their own lands , for Massacring Parks and Zoos instead , destruction of Wildlife Habitat and Mass EXTINCTION of WILD Animals , so BIG INTERNATIONAL MONEY INTERESTS FROM THE USA and the Rest of the world can Pillage and Land Grab in Africa with full consent of the leaders who have filled their pockets with BLOOD MONEY from these Pro‐ Hunting USA / African Trade Deals worth Trillions of Dollars in Profits

PLEASE SIGN THIS IMPORTANT PETITION . We need to raise awareness to STOP the corruption in the WWF in Africa. They are blatantly exaggerating Wildlife Population Numbers and Data alongside USFWS and CITES which means Global WWF Charity Donations are being misused to create opportunities for the Trophy Hunting Industries in Africa to flourish.

This is what you are REALLY CONTRIBUTING TOO "CONservation" when you DONATE to the WWF

The USA Trophy Hunting Industry of Death, alongside the USA Pro‐Hunting Lobby Groups and the Poachers are now standing side‐by‐side MASSACRING the Wild Animals POPULATIONS in Africa into EXTINCTION, in the WILD Forever

PandaLeaks March 11 · KILL IT TO SAVE IT – Rhino Hunting with the WWF. Read more&colonhttp&colon//www.pandaleaks.org/kill‐it‐to‐save‐it/
"Namibia is a veritable gold mine for the hunting industry&colon in 2014 alone 16,000 legal trophy hunts were carried out there. But that’s just the beginning. Together with Conservation Force, Chris Weaver of the WWF is pushing to see the big game hunting potential of the country exploited still further. According to Weaver, the success of the WWF LIFEplus program has resulted in “community‐run trophy hunting concessions” that now offer hunters an exciting assortment&colon “Twenty‐eight different game species are available in the communal conservancies”. Weaver goes on to itemize the WWF‐sanctioned kill targets, which include&colon springbok antelope, lions, leopards, elephants, cape buffalo, crocodiles, hippos, giraffes, kudu “and soon, the black rhino.” Weaver goes on to explain that the “black rhino (is) currently not importable into the United States…. (but) importable to other countries.”6 On the one hand, the WWF makes intensive efforts to help combat the illegal poachers that compete with the hunting industry in southern Africa, on the other hand, it plays an active part in boosting the trade in killing endangered animals. When the trophy‐hungry big game hunters arrive in Namibia the WWF is there, too, ready and waiting with practical tips to assist them in their bloody business. On November 21st, 2014 the Namibian Minister for Environment and Tourism gave an opening address to the annual meeting of the Namibia Professional Hunting Association, NAPHA . In his speech the minister let slip that the WWF, in conjunction with the NAPHA, offers a considerable array of hunting training courses, for example the “Big Game Safari Assistance Course”.7
Petitions against Trophy Import
In the months following the macabre Safari Club rhino kill auction in Dallas, conservationists bombarded the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service with petitions. 135,000 individuals signed the plea to enact a ban on the import of rhino trophies. Never before had the US government bureau experienced such intense public pressure regarding an individual decision. For his part, auction winner Corey Knowlton threatened to demand his license fee back should the USFWS bow to the will of the protesters. Because, he reasoned, hunting made no sense without the trophy.
The US bureau has taken its time deliberating this delicate matter. Perhaps the US authority responsible for wildlife protection is worried about protecting its own image. It wouldn’t look good to stand accused of helping the big game hunting lobby and the WWF transform southern Africa into a veritable – and highly profitable – endangered species slaughterhouse.
An article by Wilfried Huismann, author of the book&colon PandaLeaks – The Dark Side of the WWF" http&colon//www.pandaleaks.org/kill‐it‐to‐save‐it/

What is "CONservation" DESTROYING in AFRICA &quest

The African Ecosystem is breaking down as Trophy Hunters have massacred and Over‐Hunted Wild Animals for over 50 years.
The destruction of the natural world in Africa is supported by WWF Charity Donations, which, are directly threatening the African Tribal People’s health and their future because they are dependant upon the natural world to survive.

Outsiders, who do not care about the damage they are causing in Africa are destroying the environment forever. Some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world are massacring the last of the wild animals in Africa, media invisible and unchallenged. In poor countries where there are no ‘Human Rights’ or ‘Freedom of Speech’.

The African people affected have no voice and they need our support.

There are so many examples of corruption taking place within the WORLD WILDLIFE FUND organisation in Africa. I cannot fit it all on here. BelowThe information used in this petition is published on the Internet and the links can be found underneath the quotes.

The elders of the wild animal populations are being destroyed at an alarming rate for trophies and now the young animals are dependent upon humans instead of their family groups.

The endangered wild animals in Africa have no international protection and are routinely killed by Trophy Hunters with Machine Guns, Automatic Weapons and Rocket Launchers; from Helicopters.

The African Wildlife is trapped in fenced areas for this purpose. Whole herds are destroyed at anyone time.

Or tame hand‐reared wild animals are kept in captivity on Petting and Canned Hunting Farms, trusting humans because they are taken away from their mothers at birth. They are kept in cages or enclosures surrounded by electric fences and they are used as target practice and killed at close range with crossbows or guns.

Killing endangered wild animals in Africa is called USA Family Holiday fun, or Hunting Channels cheap TV entertainment. This is a Multi‐ Billion Dollar Industry.

There are no laws in Africa or in the USA to stop the massacring of the African wildlife into extinction. The natural world cannot cope with this war declared. The wild animals are going extinct.

Africa's trophy hunting shame (part one)Uploaded on Jan 25, 2012“A giraffe been chased by a helicopter and shot and a family laugh over the Zebra they have just killed, this is just some of the shocking things exposed in this video. GRAPHIC IMAGES”https&colon//www.youtube.com/watch&questv&equalsrcuDILOo6x4

We need to send a clear message to the WWF to tell them that the Global Community&colon
1) is NOT funding the WWF to sustain the Trophy Hunting Industry or Canned Hunting in Africa and if the WWF continue they will risk their Global reputation and loose public donations.

By supporting Trophy Hunting the WWF is contributing to a human incurable disease and destroying the food chain, causing wildlife exploitation/ extinction and causing the outright collapse of the ecosystem in Africa.

2) WE DEMAND URGENT ACTION and a PUBLIC INQUIRY into the Practices of the World Wildlife Fund in Africa.

3) WE DEMAND AN URGENT WILDLIFE SURVEY TO DETERMINE THE TRUE WILDLIFE POPULATIONS BECAUSE FROM MY RESEARCH BELOW, NOTHING THE WWF IN AFRICA HAS PUBLISHING IS CORRECT and Trophy Hunting should cease in Africa, until the wild animal data is collated properly, before the Wildlife is destroyed any further.


5) WE OBJECT TOTALLY TO WORLD WILDLIFE FUND supporting and working with The USA Pro –Hunting Lobby Groups who are' imposing Hunting Agendas and controlling and manipulating Funding Streams into African Countries', which is financially rewarding countries for creating wildlife extinction.THIS HAS TO STOP&excl&excl&excl

Letter to the President of the World Wildlife Fund

Dear President of the WWF&colon

Please read YOUR Mission Statement&colon “WWF's mission is to stop the degradation of our planet's natural environment, and build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.” http&colon//wwf.panda.org/what_we_do/

The Global Community who funds The World Wildlife Fund are seriously concerned; regarding the blatant corruption taking place in Africa within your organisation because of the&colon

• African Ecosystem collapsing • African Food Chain is breaking down

• African wildlife is nearing extinction. Over‐hunting for over 50 years has caused 'Ebola' in the Developing World where some of the poorest people have no ‘Human Rights’ or ‘Environmental or Animal Protection’ Laws.

Even though the African Ecosystem is collapsing hunting bans have been lifted in Zambia and over‐hunting continues is South Africa, Namibia and Tanzania etc. The fraud and the misinformation fabricated by the WWF in Africa, which, gives the impression there are wild animals left to be trophy hunted, when in reality they are critically endangered and going extinct and the African Environment and Natural World is at the point of total collapse.

The WWF are in a position of trust and are accountable for all the World Government monies and the Public Donations given to conservation and YOUR ‘Mission Statement’ should be the basis for everything you believe and put into practice. However in Africa the pressure from the USA Pro‐Hunting Lobby Groups and the financial benefits gained from destroying the Africa Environment and Natural World is so lucrative to pass by, so the WWF and the African Governments continue to work in partnership with the Trophy Hunting Industries and DSC, SCI and NRA to massacre the last of the wild animals in Africa&colon As a means to further create exclusive Multi‐Billion Dollar lucrative businesses; to continue farming wildlife in Farms, Canned Hunts and Parks in Africa and the USA.

The WWF have the front to call wildlife destruction in Africa, and wildlife captivity ‘Conservation’, which is further destroying the ancient traditions of the wild animals groups. Many African animals have special knowledge of their environment learnt from their mothers and family groups. They have ancient rituals and knowledge passed down through generations from their elders, which, is now being destroyed because of the Trophy Hunting Industry. Which, means the new‐born animals are removed from their mothers and elders and hand–reared by humans, they trust humans and identify with them as family.

Once wild animals have no contact with their own species they have no life skills and they can never be returned into the wild because their link with ancient knowledge evolved over millions of years is destroyed.

As the financial gains for the rare animals, mostly all the Land Giants on earth builds they are now worth hundreds of thousands of Dollars each for trophies, Trophy Hunters are paying more and more to kill wildlife, mostly from the USA, there are no controls and they situation is desperate.
There are now more stuffed African Animals on displays in wealthy homes in the USA, than there are walking around naturally in the wild in Africa.

The WWF has been active in Africa since 1961. For the first time in the history of mankind’s existence on this planet we are now facing the worst wildlife crisis ever.

Every Wild African Animal has a barcode and a weapon pointed at it because the WWF is in partnership with the Trophy Hunting Industries. The USA Pro‐Hunting Lobby Groups who demands wildlife to kill ensures USA funding continues to African countries, who are involved in this cycle of corruption.

The last time the planet experienced mass extinction was 250 million years ago&colon“The Sixth Extinction&colon Earth is on the brink of another massive loss of animal species but this time the calamity isn't an asteroid or ice age...”“Earth is on the brink of a sixth mass extinction – and this time the calamity isn’t an asteroid or a cold snap”BRAD PLUMERSUNDAY 16 FEBRUARY 2014http&colon//www.independent.co.uk/news/science/the‐sixth‐extinction‐earth‐is‐on‐the‐brink‐of‐another‐mass.....

African People are witnessing their Natural World being destroyed. African Tribal People are starving and are forced to eat Bush Meat, or they are being threatened with eviction from their Ancient Lands for Trophy Hunting, and now there is an incurable disease spreading across Africa and soon the whole world; 'Ebola', which is a direct consequence of over –hunting for over 50 years.‘Botswana’s hunting ban&colon Bushmen starve, trophy hunters carry on 31 http&colon//www.survivalinternational.org/news/10112‘Uncontrolled Hunting Leads to New Deadly Diseases Including EbolaTopic&colon Ebola Outbreak in West Africa’http&colon//en.ria.ru/eco_plus/20140906/192693219/Uncontrolled‐Hunting‐Leads‐to‐New‐Deadly‐Diseases‐Inclu.....
with the MaasaiTo President Jakaya Kikwete&colon’“As citizens from around the world, we call on you to oppose any attempt to evict Maasai from their traditional land or require them to relocate to make way for foreign hunters. We are counting on you to be a champion for your people and stop any attempt to change their land rights against their will.”http&colon//en.ria.ru/eco_plus/20140906/192693219/Uncontrolled‐Hunting‐Leads‐to‐New‐Deadly‐Diseases‐Inclu.....

The WWF is doing nothing to maintain the African Animal populations, especially in the wild, in fact the function of the WWF is to collate animal populations numbers, for the EU and USA; USAID etc., however, this is causing the most serious concern because the evidence presented and published by the WWF in Africa, is completely untrue.

In reality the WWF in Africa is working with the USA Pro‐Lobby Hunting Groups&colon Dallas Safari Club, National Riffle Association and Safari Club International to create total Wild Animal extinction deliberately. The USA Pro‐Hunting Lobby Groups aided and supported by WWF are deliberately creating situations whereby, Wildlife is so rare and exclusive every animal is now worth hundreds of thousands of Dollars each in Canned Hunting Farms and Parks, exclusively, for Trophy Hunters in Hunting Parks based in Africa and the USA.

The World’s elite and the richest people on the planet have been over‐hunting in Africa for over 50 years, where there are no ‘Human Rights’, ‘Freedom of Speech ‘and no /Environmental or Animal Protection’ laws. The full extent of the devastation caused by this massacring has been totally covered up and now the Poachers are being blamed exclusively for The Wildlife Crisis in Africa, by the Governments and the world media, whilst the Trophy Hunting Industries have never been so popular or been so richer as they are now.

“The USA Pro‐ Hunting Lobby Groups, lobbies the American Congress and USAID to ensure the flow of funding to WWF and ICUN Hunting Projects.

In exchange WWF keeps a Pro‐Hunting Stance, and the door open to hunt Protected and Endangered Species. This is how the WWF in Arica justifies the manipulation of the African Countries, because the global funding presently is conditional and attached to the availability of wildlife to massacre.

There are direct links between World Wildlife Fund and Dallas Safari Club because the USA Pro‐Hunting Lobby Groups are actually determining the Hunting Policies in the African Countries to fulfil their own agendas first.

This is not’ Conservation’ this is’ Exploitation’ ‘The Wildlife Crisis in Africa’ "Louise D. I will send you the full document in due course

‘The Myth of Trophy Hunting as Conservation. A League Against Cruel Sports submission to Environment Minister, Elliott Morley MP December 2004’Quote and extract&colon ‐ “A smokescreen for corruption and poaching“With their financial and political might of the USA, this formidably powerful clique of hunters is shamelessly promoting hunting as a form of conservation. Many poor governments are easily won over because it offers such easy money – the bulk of which goes straight into their pockets.
The World Wildlife Fund African Teams who compile Wildlife Data are creating their own reality. They are exaggerating African Wild Animals Population numbers and disregarding what anyone else says.

Even wildlife Experts such as the International Naturalists Sir David Attenborough’s BBC Wildlife Documentary Teams, who made the landmark Series Documentaries such as ‘Wildlife in Africa’, ‘Planet Earth’ and ‘Living Planet’ have been disregarded as frauds by the WWF in Africa who are doing exactly what they like, totally unchallenged.

WWF and the Namibian Government are claiming that the Unique Adapted Desert Dwelling Elephants do not exist, and there are 750 of them in the Namib Desert, which, is incorrect. Please read the following&colon‘ Namibia Refuses to Cancel Desert Elephant Hunt After Protests’Quote&colon “The elephants, which live in the Kunene region, are one of only two groups adapted to desert existence with the other being in Mali. They numbered about 750 in 2012, according to the WWF, an environmental group.” http&colon//www.noanimalpoaching.org/animal‐poaching‐news‐2014/namibia‐refuses‐to‐cancel‐desert‐elephant‐.....
In 2009 the BBC documented on film that there are “100 or so Desert Elephants’ in the Namib Desert”. How can the African WWF claim there are 750 Elephants and issue 9 Hunting Permits to kill from a population of only18 bulls in the whole Namib Desert&quest This is against the rules set down by CITIES. How much more endangered can a rare population of Elephants be&quest

President of the WWF please look at the evidence&colon‘Elephants in the Namib desert ‐ Wild Africa – BBC’“ Though this Desert is more than 2,000,000 Square Kilometers in size, the 100 or so Elephants it supports…” YouTube&colon https&colon//www.youtube.com/watch&questv&equalsU0v5MIdyxZc
‘Elephant Nomads of the Namib Desert – Documentary’ https&colon//www.youtube.com/watch&questv&equalsU0v5MIdyxZcYouTube&colon https&colon//www.youtube.com/watch&questv&equalsqmYig9gSamY
‘Meet the elephant calves of the Namib Desert – BBC animals’YouTube&colon https&colon//www.youtube.com/watch&questv&equalsHg4DJ‐x85Dw

‘The Desert Elephant’ Sir David Attenborough’ YouTube&colon https&colon//www.youtube.com/watch&questv&equalsaHeElJuDfDI

There were 10 million Elephants in Africa in the 1960/70's and now there are between 300,000 /600,000 left and this is an estimate because no one really knows.Poachers kill one Elephant every 15 minutes, we are told, and 35,000 African Elephants were killed last year. ‘100,000 Elephants Killed by Poachers in Just 3 years, Landmark Analysis Finds. Central Africa has lost 64 percent of its elephants in a decade.’http&colon//news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2014/08/140818‐elephants‐africa‐poaching‐cites‐census/How can WWF in Africa allow 10&percnt of the whole fragile Rare Desert Elephant to be killed for Trophies and blatantly lie about it with no accountability using Charity Funds&quest This is scandalous.
Please look at more evidence&colon‘ Elephant Nomads of the Namib Desert – Documentary’. https&colon//www.youtube.com/watch&questv&equalsqmYig9gSamY “After they were massacred by poachers in the 1980's “ from a population of only 80 they were reduced to only 3”The Desert Elephants have taken all this time to recover from being poached from 80 to 3, to grow to a population of 100 Unique Adapted Desert Dwelling Elephants in 30 years. ‘ A film for BBC2 documenting for the first time the intimate lives of a unique family of endangered elephants in one of the last true wildernesses today. Winner –Life on the Edge Award at the Japan Wildlife Film Festival 2009. Roscar Finalist for ‘Best Use of Music’ at Durban Wild Talk Africa Film Festival 2009.Meet the elephant calves of the Namib Desert – BBC animals"That the Rare Desert Elephants, are different to their Savanna Cousins; The Desert Elephants; only give birth every 8 years or so, (half as many births) and they suckle their young for twice as long, than their Savanna Cousins" https&colon//www.youtube.com/watch&questv&equalsHg4DJ‐x85Dw
50&percnt of the Rare Elephants Bulls will be killed by DSC, SCI and NRA members, if no one stops this insanity they will be sent into extinction, this is beyond criminal there are only 100 or so Rare Desert Elephants in the Namib Desert and not 750 which, is being claimed by the WWF in Africa and the Namibian Government.

The world is outraged&excl&excl&excl 3 Desert Elephants have been killed from the 9 Hunting Permits issued and the Remaining 7 Hunting Permits are being advertised for next year because the African WWF are telling the world there are 750 Rare Desert Elephants.

The African people do not want their wildlife and ecosystem destroyed by outsiders. However, the African WWF continue to influence and collate data for Government Policy and create opportunities for Trophy Hunters to kill the rarest wildlife on this planet, regardless of what the true African people say as they are pleading with USA Trophy Hunters, to stop them massacring their wildlife especially in the middle of the wildlife holocaust because of Poaching.No one can see the benefit of more critically endangered animals being killed, and WWF and DSC have been so successful fabricating lies they have ensured TEN Critically Endangered Black Rhino animal Trophies every year are officially killed and this has been granted by CITIES, based on no factual evidence from the actual African people who this affects directly&colon Resolution Conf. 13.5 (Rev. CoP14)Establishment of export quotas for black rhinoceros hunting trophies“THE CONFERENCE OF THE PARTIES TO THE CONVENTIONAPPROVES http&colon//www.cites.org/eng/res/13/13‐05R14C15.php “the establishment of an annual export quota of five hunting trophies of adult male black rhinoceros from South Africa and five from Namibia&colonAGREES that hunting trophies of the black rhinoceros are defined as the horns or any other durable part of the body, mounted or loose and that all parts to be exported should be individually marked with reference to the country of origin, species, quota number and year of export”&colon Please read more on the Link&colon “

Please read the words of the actual people fighting poachers and taking bullets to save their wildlife&colon
‘LETTER TO COREY KNOWLTON’&colon Founder, Walk With Rangers; Quote&colon “Sir, I have struggled to understand why SCI and DSC continue to put prices on the heads of our wildlife. It is laughable that they even think they have any right. The wildlife of a nation remains the sovereign property of its people. Would this not mean then, sir, that privatizing such public property would, in fact, be a gross violation of the rights of the African people&quest I will let you ponder over that for a while.
We are in the wake of a crisis that has gripped our region. Poachers have decimated our herds, and Africa is no longer teeming with wildlife. You kind sir, have been duped into believing that your hunt will aid conservation in Africa.It will not. Aside from gaining Namibia huge disrepute, it will go against the very fibre of what we are trying so hard to achieve – the protection and true management of our last wild things. It is also imperative to note here that local African communities do not eat rhino meat.” “In forty years of close association with black rhinoceros, I have NEVER known of a free ranging wild old male past his breeding period targeting, and killing, rhino females and calves but, rather, the odd fights have only, in my own experience, occurred amongst breeding competing males, as is common in other species.In Africa old age is respected&colon by extension, it is un‐African and basically unethical not to allow an old male that sired many calves a peaceful retirement, in the same way as breeding bulls in the cattle world are put out to pasture, not sent to the butcher, once they stop being productive.”Read more &colon Twitter&colon @raabiahawahttp&colon//africageographic.com/blog/kenyan‐rangers‐moving‐letter‐to‐american‐rhino‐hunter/&numsthash.scgQx.....

The Rhinos in Africa are being massacred every 11hours, by Poachers. In the 1970’s there were 65,000 Black Rhinos. Where have they all gone&quest
Ten Trophy Hunted Black Rhinos, killed every year can fetch up to &dollar350, 000 each. 100&percnt supported by the World Wildlife Fund’s Conservationists claiming that the Rhinos are not threatened or endangered in this article below on the internet link.

ICUN&colon Mike Knight is the Lead Professional working with the Namibia Black Rhino Conservation project is getting funding from the World Wildlife Funds International Charity Funding Purse and he is also working with Corey Knowlton who purchased a Hunting Permit at Dallas Safari Club Auction in January 2014, for &dollar350,000. Corey Knowlton purchased the hunting permit to kill one of the Black Rhinos from the TEN Hunting Permits issued annually to South Africa and Namibia, for a TV Hunting Channel for Entertainment in the USA.

‘Wildlife and photography at its best from BBC Wildlife MagazineDo you support trophy hunting of rhinos&quest Have your say in this month’s poll. ‘ http&colon//www.discoverwildlife.com/poll/do‐you‐support‐trophy‐hunting‐rhinos

Summary Did you expect the Natural World in Africa to collapse&quest The war declared upon it by Trophy Hunters for over 50 years is unsustainable&quest Did you not expect human diseases and famine to be a consequence as the Natural World being pushed to the limit and destroyed for profit and greed in Africa&quest

Did the WWF ever care about the African people and the African Tribes because they are now dying from Ebola. The African Tribes are starving, and eating Bush Meat to live, this is almost cannibalism, because their wildlife they have hunted and eaten for thousands of years is now in the USA, as stuffed ornaments, or they can’t hunt to live because their governments wont let them. Some of them are facing eviction from their lands because of Trophy Hunting&quest

Who is accountable for this mess&quest

Let’s look at YOUR MISSION STATEMENT AGAIN&colon “WWF's mission is to stop the degradation of our planet's natural environment, and build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. ”http&colon//wwf.panda.org/what_we_do/
How can WWF claim to care when you are directly destroying Africa using Global Charity money and Global Government monies to fund corruption.

As you can see for yourself President of the WWF&colon 'we have a vote of no confidence' regarding the WWF practices in Africa and there needs to be URGENT ACTION to prevent the WWF in Africa committing more fraud and giving miss information to others in authority.

I appreciate you may be unaware of the corruption taking place in the WWF in Africa and this petition maybe the first you have heard about it. However, there are many more issues and I happy to share more evidence and discuss with you and your teams, to back up this petition regarding the scandal‐taking place Africa.

The concerns raised here from the Global Community, who fund your organisation DEMAND you to URGENTLY investigate the practices in the WWF in Africa, before the situation deteriorates any further whereby, the most vulnerable poorest people, their wildlife and their environment is destroyed by greed.
Thank you for your time ,

UPDATE &colon 17th October 2015
Director of WWF /Chris Weaver WWF SA " Conservation Force " is suing Delta with DSC for banning Trophy Cargo
'Conservation Force, DSC, Houston Safari Club, & Others File Suit Against Delta
Conservation Force and partners sue Delta to end “Big Five” hunting trophy embargo
October 15, 2015
Conservation Force, Dallas Safari Club, Houston Safari Club, the CAMPFIRE Association, the Tanzania Hunting Operators Association (TAHOA), and Corey Knowlton filed suit today against Delta Air Lines, Inc. to compel an end to Delta’s illegal embargo on transport of hunting trophies of the “Big Five” (lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, and buffalo) from Africa. The plaintiffs allege the embargo on transport of a specific class of non‐dangerous cargo violates Delta’s duty as a common carrier not to discriminate against passengers or cargo.
On August 3, 2015, Delta announced it would no longer transport “Big Five” trophies. This announcement came amid the media uproar over the alleged illegal killing of “Cecil the lion” by Dr. Walter Palmer – who has since been cleared of any wrongdoing by Zimbabwe authorities.
The plaintiffs point out that “Big Five” hunting in Southern and Eastern African is responsible for protecting the most wildlife habitat, providing the largest share of operating revenue for state wildlife departments, underwriting the three levels of anti‐poaching efforts, and contributing critical benefits and incentives to local people damaged by the “Big Five.” John J. Jackson, III, President of Conservation Force, underscored the importance of hunting’s contributions. “Without hunting most wildlife and habitat will disappear,” he said. “Above all, the attitudes of local people ultimately determine the survival of these species. Hunting provides the incentives for local people to tolerate dangerous wildlife.”
According to the plaintiffs, Delta’s embargo threatens the African hunting industry by making it more difficult for hunters to bring home the fruit of the hunt, and stigmatizes America’s business and civic leaders as traffickers of illicit cargo. A trophy symbolizes several things to a hunter&colon “It is a memory of the hunt’s success, the experience, the people, and the place. Most of all, it is tribute to the animal hunted,” according to Jackson.
The suit points out that international trade and transport in “Big Five” trophies is not just legal but encouraged by resolutions of the Parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), except for trade in the embargoed buffalo, which is not protected under CITES (or the U.S. ESA). Jackson, a prominent lawyer, also noted that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has issued import permits for rhino, leopard, and elephant and found the import of these trophies “enhances the survival” of the species. Jackson said, “Delta’s unlawful embargo is robbing the species of the enhancement tourist hunting provides.” Delta is alleged to have refused to transport the black rhino trophy of Corey Knowlton, who contributed &dollar350,000 to anti‐poaching and other efforts exclusively to recover the black rhino and whose enhancement import permit was approved by USFWS. 2
The plaintiffs represent a range of interests, from individual hunter‐conservationists to operators to representatives of the communities who benefit from tourist hunting revenue. For example, the plaintiff CAMPFIRE program benefits 770,000 families in Zimbabwe (2.4 million children), and the largest source of income to these communities is from American tourist safari hunters.
Jackson concluded&colon “Delta is a common carrier. It cannot discriminate against cargo, the African people, or game – much less to further the agenda of extremist animal rights organizations. Its embargo threatens the programs responsible for most of the habitat and anti‐poaching in Africa. This is too important to stand by. This suit is just the beginning of the fight.” Jackson warned this suit may be followed by broader antitrust actions or penalties by the African governments.
The suit was filed in the Northern District of Texas. For more information, contact John Jackson at&colon (504) 837‐1233 or jjj@conservationforce.org.'

" Though Dallas Safari Club and Conservation Force help support the Program, the primary support and technical assistance outside of MET comes from WWF’s LIFE Plus project. WWF’s LIFE Plus project has been funded by 34 million dollars in USAID and other donors from around the world. The project is in its 13th year. It began as “LIFE”, which means “Living in a finite environment.” At its second point of USAID funding it was designated “LIFE Two”. In its present, third stage of funding, the project is called “LIFE Plus”. The program stands as a model for poverty alleviation and natural resource conservation. Its success makes this hunter‐friendly country even more exciting and inviting. John J. Jackson is the chairman of Conservation Force, President of the Sustainable Use Commission of CIC and a wildlife attorney. L. Chris Weaver is employed by WWF in Namibia as head of its LIFE Plus Project."

Posted (Updated )