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Manifesto of Ecological Engineering: new holistic approach of ecology-inspired engineering

Manifesto of Ecological Engineering: new holistic approach of ecology-inspired engineering

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Alexandros S.
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Professionals, engineers, responsible citizens, local-regional authorities
The International Ecological Engineering Society formed the Manifesto of  Ecological Engineering to present the new approach of ecology-inspired, systems-thinking engineering that is necessary for a circular society.

There is a growing realization across generations and nationalities that ‘Business as Usual’ cannot continue if we are serious about constructing a sustainable world for our children and grandchildren. The last century has seen nature’s resources being increasingly consumed and squandered, leading all too often to environmental pollution and damage to our natural habitats and climates. The causes are commonly due to a one dimensional view of the world that pays insufficient attention to the complexity of nature as an interrelated system that can be so easily damaged by inadvertently creating negative feedbacks or not identifying the key factors or actors that sustain habitats, whether in the wildness or within and around our cities. Building on the Principles of Ecology, the new profession of Ecological Engineering gives us a framework to understand these complexities and to work as Engineers with the forces and intricacies of nature rather than simply wanting to harness them. So please join us in our endeavor to promote Ecological Engineering as a new way of engineering our future that leads to a change in mindset about how we design solutions in harmony with nature

We invite every responsible citizen, professional, engineer, academic and not only, to support this visionary approach of our discipline.

The text reads: (https://iees.ch/our-manifesto/)

The planetary ecosystem today faces significant environmental challenges, such as climate change and the unsustainable use of resources that may have disastrous and irreversible impacts at local and global scale.

These threats to the very existence of our global society indicate that we urgently need new approaches to deal with these rising challenges.

In order to cope with these, we need to fundamentally change the way we think, the way we approach modern environmental problems and the way we make decisions and develop solutions.

We are dealing with multi-dimensional, complex and interrelated issues, which render ineffective the conventional one-dimensional linear, technology-focused approach to problem-solving.

Engineering and ecology have crucial roles to play in solving many of these global issues. For this, a new design paradigm for engineering is now a necessity to support the transition to a truly sustainable society.

We are convinced that systems thinking is the first critical step towards the development of new holistic and interdisciplinary engineering solutions at all scales.

We are convinced that an ecology-inspired approach to engineering provides answers to these challenges.

We view the inherent value of nature as part, not only of future solutions, but also of the design process itself.

Ecological engineering integrates ecological principles, processes, and organisms with the existing engineering practice, forming a new, holistic approach for problem-solving.

Ecological engineering reshapes engineering solutions, not just to minimize waste output but to design out waste, restore the ecological functions and eliminate the unwanted impact of all processes and interventions.

Ecological engineering adopts circularity in problem-solving methodology by re-establishing cycles of materials to deal with resource scarcity.

Ecological Engineers view nature as an inspiration and model to develop and expand the nature-based toolbox, using ecosystem services and renewable resources.

Ecological Engineers work with nature for the benefit of society and the environment and see people and civil society as an integral part of this new problem-solving approach.

As an independent worldwide group of professional engineers and scientists, Ecological Engineers work to create a more resilient, sustainable and equitable global ecosystem for all.

We address this call to the global community for a change to make the world a better and safer place through awareness and action in ecological engineering for environmental resilience, social responsibility and sustainable development.

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