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Stop Trophy Hunting in N Tanzania to Save Amboseli's Migratory Elephants

Stop Trophy Hunting in N Tanzania to Save Amboseli's Migratory Elephants

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This petition has been created by Paula K. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Paula K.
started this petition to
Her Excellency Samia Suluhu Hassan, President of the United Republic of Tanzania
Dear President Suluhu,

We, the global community of conservationists, wildlife enthusiasts, and concerned citizens, urgently appeal to your esteemed office for the immediate ban on elephant trophy hunting within the Tanzania range of the Amboseli elephants. This unique cross-border population, shared with Kenya, is under dire threat following the issuance of new hunting licenses that disrupt a 30-year-old agreement vital for their protection.

The Amboseli Elephant Research Project (AERP), the world's longest continuous elephant study, has meticulously documented these elephants for over five decades. Each elephant is known individually, most of them from birth. The AERP has provided invaluable insights into elephant behavior, social structure, demography and reproduction, contributing significantly to our understanding of these magnificent creatures. The recent trophy hunting incidents not only endanger these elephants, but also risk jeopardizing this irreplaceable body of knowledge and the genetic legacy of some of Africa's largest-tusked elephants.

The targeted elephants are males in their reproductive prime and, with tusks symbolizing their grandeur, are critical for maintaining the population's genetic propensity for large tusks, which are a major draw for tourism, a vital sector for both our countries. The hunting of these individuals undermines conservation efforts, disrupts the social structure of elephant communities, and poses a significant threat to the future of this population.

We implore you to recognize the scientific, ecological, and economic value of the Amboseli elephants and to grant permanent protection to these icons of Africa in the cross-border area that is part of their regular range.

Specifically, we appeal to you to:

1. Formalize regulations to ban hunting of elephants in Enduimet Wildlife Management Area, Narco Ranch, Longido GCA, Lake Natron East GCA, and Lake Natron North GCA and;

2. Collaborate with Kenya to find alternative conservation strategies that ensure the Amboseli elephants' protection, preserving them as a shared heritage and a testament to our collective commitment to conservation.

In solidarity for conservation, this petition was created by the following people on behalf of their organisations,

1.    Paula Kahumbu – WildlifeDirect
2.    Michael Wamithi – Wildlife Conservation and Management Professionals Society of Kenya
3.    Joyce Poole - ElephantVoices
4.    Raabia Hawa - Ulinzi Africa Foundation
5.    Cynthia Moss - Amboseli Trust for Elephants
6.    Frank Pope - Save The Elephants
7.    Dickson Kaelo - Conservancies Association of Kenya
8.    Annabella Francesco - Luigi Footprints Foundation and Maniago Safaris
9.    Margaret Otieno - Wildlife Clubs of Kenya
10. Tiassa Mutunkei - Teens For Wildlife
11. Nana Gorsse-Woodley - Amara Foundation
12. Kire Godal - Conservation Filmmaker Malaika Media Productions
13. Peter Moll - Stand Up Shout Out (SUSO)
14. Paul Matiku - Nature Kenya
15. Feisal Malik - Visual Africa Films
16. Mark Deeble, Vicky Stone and Etienne Oliff - The Elephant Queen Outreach
17. Koikai Oloitiptip - Amboseli Ecosystem Trust
18. Mary Wykstra - Action For Cheetah Kenya
19. Benson Leyian- Big Life Foundation
20. Saba Douglas Hamilton - Elephant Watch Safaris
21. Eric ole Kalama - Elephant Garden Safaris
22. Josphat Ngonyo - African Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW)
23. Jim Nyamu - Elephant Neighbours
24. Davinder Choda - Soroi Collection
25. Gabriele Nowak - Sunworld
26. Kishan Bhanderi - Community Wildlife Conservation
27. Samuel ole Kaanki - Chairman, Amboseli Landowners Conservancies Association
28. Nagib Popat - Atua Enkop
29. Jude Boy - Mara Ngeche
30. Theo Shumwe - Tipilikwani Mara Camp
31. Hassan Shaikh - Elephant Gorge Camp
32. Joseph Nzungula - Mbweha Camp
33. Nadeem Popat - Ibis Tours and Travel
34. Anwar Amershi  - Crown Tours
35. Federico Veronesi - Photographer
36. Tom Lolosoli - Kalama Community Conservancy, Samburu
37. Bob and Gina Poole - PooleFilms
38. Fred Kaigua - Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO)
39. Nancy Ogonje - East African Wildlife Society
40. Rajan Bhandari - Ashnil Hotels Ltd
41. Kelvin Lemantaan - Ewaso Conservation & Tourism Association
42. Paolo Torchio - Wildlife Photographer
43. Phera Jai - Ahnasa Destinations
44. Mark Drury - Wildlife Photographer
45. Harry Skeggs - Wildlife Photographer
46. Sajid Darr - View Finders Kenya
47. Judy Kibinge - Docubox
48. Mohanjeet Bar - Gamewatchers & Porini Safaris
49. Charles Leshore - Maa Museum
50. Iain and Oria Douglas-Hamilton - Sirocco Wildlife Sanctuary
51. Steve Itela - Conservation Alliance of Kenya
52. Ravi Perera -  Serendipity Wildlife Foundation

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