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Writing a Petition Title

Saying it all in under 100 characters

The title is the first part of your petition people will see -- and if it doesn't catch their attention, it may be the last! That's why it's so essential to come up with a few words that are clear, intriguing, and really capture the essence of the petition. Here are some examples and suggestions to strengthen your petition title.


  • Include your “meme”: a memorable phrase that rolls off the tongue and packs a lot of information.
    Examples of memes: Blood Diamonds, Tibet's cry for help, people over profits
  • Be specific: You may want to name the target, identify what piece of legislation the petition addresses, include the city or country you're addressing.
  • Use active verbs: Make the act something everyone will want to join in on.


  • South Africa: Stop the Secrecy Law!
    It's clear about the location and specific legislation targeted, while being compelling to people familiar with neither.
  • Headmaster Miller: Stop rejecting the Gay Student Union
    Uses active words and frames the petition's ask as a decision the target can make.
  • Fire Rupert Murdoch
    Straightforward -- uses a phrase that can be used throughout the campaign, which explains the demand in fresh and memorable language.
  • Hilton CEO Nassetta: end rape in your hotels
    Addresses the target directly, while making a shocking and controversial association.
  • Answer Tibet's cry for help, stop China's crackdown
    This is both explicit and enigmatic -- you get the idea that Tibetans need help defending against a Chinese crackdown, but you don't know exactly what the cry for help is or how we can "answer" it.
  • Tell the EU Environment Minister: "Trick or Trees" in our forest policy?
    A little humour can go a long way.