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IBO Has Announced That They've Freely Remarked All Components For All Candidates!

IBO Has Announced That They've Freely Remarked All Components For All Candidates!

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This petition has been created by Abdullah H. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Abdullah H.
started this petition to
International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO)
IBO has changed the final grades today and for all the CP and DP candidates to match the IA grades! They've done this as a result of the overly negative feedback from: Schools, individuals, news, and petitions. Thank you for all your support!

We made a difference!

Tens of thousands of students who graduated in May 2020 from the IB DP/CP have received discriminatory grades that aren't a reflection of neither their IAs (Internal Assessments) nor their coursework. Most students saw a decrease of about 6-8 marks from their predicted grades where they lost a 1-2 marks per subject and 1-2 on the TOK/EE matrix. 
Over 160-thousand students have been affected and while some have seen no such discrimination in grades, those people generally come from the bigger IB schools.
The following link explains how this discriminatory marking system has taken place and shows that the vast majority of IB students who graduated in May 2020 have wasted 2 years of their high-school life and had their future almost certainly doomed by such an ambiguous and undoubtedly fault system which assess students not based on their work but based on the work of their predecessors in their respective school as well as valueless models: http://positivelysemidefinite.com/2020/06/160k-students.html 

"Tens of thousands of IB students from all over the world, with scores ranging from low 10s to high 40s, are dissatisfied and disappointed with the way the IBO has mishandled the May 2020 examination process. From using the historical data of individual schools as a vague tool to incorrectly assess the abilities of the current students, to providing the bare minimum of the details that highlight their marking "algorithm" and showing no transparency as to how the different factors (such as predicted grades, historical data, IAs, internal feedback) will affect the final score, the IBO has mishandled the examination process and not nearly considered important factors to the extent that they should have while emphasized on the wrong ones, leading to inconsistencies that are prevalent everywhere.Throughout forums, students have expressed their concerns as to how some of them landed with a 3 or a 4 with subjects in which their EE has received an A or vice versa. Students who have received continuous 7s through the last 2 years are now receiving 5s as their final score.Instead of predicting such biases and inconsistencies, the IBO has not provided news of any financial remittance to appeals of remarking the subjects and most likely will continue to charge the exaggerated about of approximately $100 per subject. Furthermore, the fact that the IBO has let such horrendous events take place while clearly understanding the mental and emotional pressure each IB student faces during the months of Jan-Feb while failing to realize the impending uncertainty every student's future faces due to the Pandemic is outrageous. We, the students, are extremely dissatisfied with this disappointing turn of events and the IBO's callous handling of the examination process."
Such is the situation as reported by many other petitions online. Help us find justice and ensure no one has to face injustice again!

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