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Improve Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) to attract & retain international talent

Improve Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) to attract & retain international talent

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This petition has been created by ReformMigri T. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
ReformMigri T.
started this petition to
Migri - Finnish Immigration Service
Migri’s system has caused unnecessary suffering for countless immigrants due to its complicated and time-consuming application process.

For example, the process for:
  • A first work permit: 3-8 months
  • A jobseeker/start-up residence permit after graduation: 2-4 months with a paper application only
  • An entrepreneurship permit: 11-12 months
  • A citizenship permit: 5-19 months
  • Registering EU-residence could take more than a month.

In addition, some wait in the cold outside of service points for several hours because the booking system prevents them from getting an appointment before their current permit/visa expires.

While Estonia processes a long-stay visa in 30 days, Migri’s system creates a huge backlog that residence permits are frequently delayed beyond the maximum processing time, which can severely block applicants’ access to civil rights. Even family members are forced to separate for nine months or longer. It is also a question of human rights to process residence permits in a reasonable time – Migri customers often live in constant anxiety and uncertainty.

Finland is an aging society in need of international talent to remain competitive globally and secure a prosperous future. Migri can play a key role through facilitating smooth immigration to support national development, instead of being an obstacle to this goal. A streamlined and friendly immigration service will help Finland compete for the best talent in the world, while also, respecting those who seek to contribute to Finnish society and those who need safe migration. Therefore, Migri’s system and procedures must be reformed as soon as possible.

We implore & call on Migri to:
  • Set up a diverse and inclusive external committee to monitor bi-weekly progress on their reform
  • Increase their service points across Finland to prevent congestion and long travels
  • Redesign their booking system to limit one appointment for each applicant in order to prevent time slots from being sold or unnecessarily blocked.
  • Reduce their application processing time to a reasonable and humane time frame
  • Streamline their application process to provide efficient and friendly service
  • Increase their service accessibility to foreigners outside of Finland
  • Avoid inconsistency in their service delivery, for example, some applicants receive decisions in a few days, some beyond the maximum processing time.
  • Announce a transparent action plan and timeline by the end of July, 2021

 How to support us:
  • Sign & share the petition
  • Share your Migri story here: https://www.facebook.com/reformmigri
    or E-Mail us: reformmigri@gmail.com
  • Talk about this on social media, using the Hashtag #ReformMigri
  • Co-signers & more info: https://reformmigri.wixsite.com/story

*Disclaimer: We do not ask for donations. 
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