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Stop 5G rollout in South Africa without public consent

Stop 5G rollout in South Africa without public consent

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This petition has been created by Wendy N. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Wendy N.
started this petition to
Minister of Communications, Willington Gwepe, Cyril Ramaphosa, Patrice Motsepe
The rollout of 5G (or fifth generation technology) propelled by the national marketing slogan “Smart Cities,” poses a serious threat to our constitutional rights as citizens of South Africa. The roll-out has started with suspicious urgency on the part of telecommunications corporations responsible, with virtually no public debate or participation and with no trials to determine health risks on humans and the environment.

Unlike previous generations of digital networks, 5G is the fastest known wireless connection and runs at extremely high frequencies. Since these waves are unable to travel long distances, there will be thousands of cell masts erected around Joburg and all metropolitan areas to facilitate its transmission. These masts are short cell masts often disguised as street poles or lights and will be in close proximity to homes, parks and schools.

The vast increase in sources that transmit high frequency signals raises very serious questions pertaining to its risks and dangers. Due to the increase of cell masts, wireless radiation levels are predicted to go so high that telecoms companies are working to loosen government limits on radiation levels, in order to roll it out. More than 240 scientists published an appeal to the United Nations in 2019 to call for a moratorium on 5G, citing “established” adverse biological effects of EMR (electromagnetic radiation).

Telecommunications companies are using the COVID-19 lockdown period to expedite an urgent rollout of 5G due to increased network demand. In the USA there have been recordings of cell towers going up at schools and other public spaces while citizens are locked away in their houses. On the other end of the spectrum, countries like Belgium, Switzerland and Slovenia have placed moratoria on 5G rollout until comprehensive testing on health effects has been done.

For a country like South Africa, which is so challenged for power grid capacity, the huge additional energy consumption required to power a 5G wireless internet is unjustifiable. The present rollout of 5G has curiously side stepped the usual rigour of municipal by-laws for cell tower erection and placement. South African citizens have not been made aware of plans to implement, forums for objection, nor any of its dangers.

In conclusion, we, the public of South Africa, deserve to have this technology tested, debated and if need be, reversed altogether, in order to safeguard ourselves and all species that may be in 5G harm’s way. We request that the deployment of 5G is halted as a precautionary measure since the telecoms industry cannot currently provide evidence that the use of 5G technologies is safe.

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