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CAIE Has Announced That They Will Upgrade All Those Whose Results Were Downgraded From Their Predicted Grades

CAIE Has Announced That They Will Upgrade All Those Whose Results Were Downgraded From Their Predicted Grades

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This petition has been created by Dewan T. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Dewan T.
started this petition to
Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE)
CAIE has said that all students whose results were downgraded from their predicted grades will get their results upgraded. And it won't change the grades of those who got grades more than their predicted grades. I have been hearing outrage from private candidates that this decision does not affect them or CAIE was unfair to them and I wish to clarify that the update was for ALL candidates whether they were private or school candidates. If British Council said they do not know then call them out not CAIE as the examination board has said that this decision is for all candidates.

8/17/2020 CAIE UPDATE:  We have decided that grades we issue for the June 2020 series will not be lower than the predicted grade submitted by the school. Where a grade we issued last week was higher than the predicted grade, the higher grade will stand.We will issue new grades as soon as possible. We will also share the new grades with universities and admissions organisations as soon as we can in the coming days. We will post the new grades to Cambridge International Direct.
This Decision Affects ALL Candidates whether they are school OR private.

To all those who are signing this, please also sign this petition. Use VPN if the page is not loading Petition : https://www.change.org/p/cambridge-international-cambridge-to-review-all-grades-june-2020-and-ensure-a-better-prediction-system?redirect=false

To all supporters, we implore you, if you can,
contact your local newspaper or media, if your parents or relatives are in positions of power contact them, contact your schools and have them appeal to CAIE for this injustice,
UPDATE 8/12/20 : As we had predicted, similar to Scotland, students in England will also recieve grades based on their mocks highest results as well as based on predicted grades. This is clearly bias and ethics problems being shown by Ofqual and JCQ whose guidelines on examinations are followed by both International examining bodies as well as in England. We shall not stand this injustice. Since these examination bodies want to play the "Fair" card, then extend this system to the international communtiy.
UPDATE 8/11/20: The Scottish Parliament has declared a result upgrade for all those whose results were downgraded. All results that were downgraded will now be withdrawn and replaced by the original estimates that is to say predicted grades will be taken into account. Read Full article
:  https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-53740588
Since scotland has allowed it, its only a matter of time the rest of UK follows. However, it is extremely unfair that only students in UK to be allowed this upgrade. Since CAIE and all examination bodies always talk about being "fair" (Which to be honest is very doubtful) so then they should extend this to every candidates around the world and not only their countries. Share this petition as much possible together with the news about the result upgrade. Let the world know the injustice they have done to us. 
This is a request to all candidates, parents, well wishers and supporters. No matter which country, state or continent you are located in please support us so that we can obtain justice. In light of recent results provided by CAIE we are extremely frustrated. The current results are completely based upon computer algorithm and the registered candidates centres past performance to grade candidates. As such we believe that a grading system which does not take an individual candidates qualification but looks at their centres performance is extremely unfair for the said candidate. We shall not stand such injustices done by CAIE or Ofqual and JCQ and we will let them know that they cannot just get away with everything they impose upon candidates. We shall let them know that our future is not to be played with. We shall let them know that a grading system purely based on luck and statistics is grossly unfair and a crime against a candidates future. We shall let them know that the sentence "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction" is held to be true. I implore everyone to help us to fight against this gross injustice and crime against education performed by these awarding bodies.
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