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More stringent regulations for putting dogs to sleep in Singapore

More stringent regulations for putting dogs to sleep in Singapore

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This petition has been created by Yu J. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Yu J.
started this petition to
Parliament in Singapore, AVS
A couple of cases have happened in recent years where young, healthy dogs have been put to sleep as their owners claimed that they were “aggressive”. The owners, as well as the vets who are complicit in their deaths are able to take this course of action due to lax regulations surrounding animal euthanasia. 
Case 1: Tammy (2013)

Case 2: Luna (2019)
Case 3: Loki (2020)

in all these cases:
1) Owners claim that there was some behaviour problem and speak about rehoming but never actually carry through with it 

2) Vets carry on the euthanization even without the animal being extremely sick. In Case 2 it was claimed that the dog was not recovering from leg injuries yet video evidence showed it was running around.
3) AVS continually finds that “protocols are followed to satisfaction” with little to no transparency. Obviously given the state of the animals these “protocols” are wanting 

As animal welfare and receptiveness to adoption has improved by leaps and bounds over the years it is saddening to see how these lives are lost so easily after they have been painstakingly rescued and rehomed. As concerned citizens/residents it is better to make our voices heard than to direct hatred toward the perpetrators, the lives lost can never be recovered. What we can do is to make sure our voices are heard so actions like these can no longer be taken. 
MP Louis Ng’s Post found here:
Table some suggestions that are a good place to start, hopefully with consultation with AWGs and feasibility studies done by the relevant statutory boards we will finally see reform in the protocols associated with euthanization. 
Dogs are our family, not our property. Let’s make sure these laws and protocols reflect that. 
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