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Write your petition title

This is the first thing people will see about your petition. Get their attention with a short title that focuses on the change you’d like them to support.

Please write a headline.


Keep it short and to the point

Example: "Ban Plastic Bags in London"

Focus on the solution

Example: "Help Protect Endangered Tigers"

Communicate urgency

Example: "Commit vital funds to a green recovery"

Choose a decision maker

This is the person, organization, or group that can make a decision about your petition.

Please add a decision maker.


Choose someone who can give you what you want

It might be the mayor of your city if it's about closing schools, or your national government if you're asking for paid sick leave.

Don't go straight to the top

You might see faster results if you choose a more junior person who is petitioned less often than more recognizable figures.

Choose someone you can work with

Your petition is most likely to win by reaching an agreement with your decision-maker.

Explain the problem you want to solve

People are more likely to support your petition if it's clear why you care. Explain how this change will impact you, your family, or your community.

Please add a description.

Describe the people involved and the problem they are facing

Readers are most likely to take action when they understand who is affected.

Describe the solution

Explain what needs to happen and who can make the change. Make it clear what happens if you win or lose.

Make it personal

Readers are more likely to sign and support your petition if it's clear why you care.

Respect others

Don't bully, use hate speech, threaten violence, or make things up.

Make sure your information is accurate

Accuracy matters! Signing a petition is an act of trust, and making sure your campaign is accurate is a requirement of using this site. For fact-checking tips, see here.