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A master plan for
peace on earth (Ukraine + Taiwan + new Law Of Nations)

A master plan for peace on earth (Ukraine + Taiwan + new Law Of Nations)

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This petition has been created by Robo D. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Robo D.
started this petition to
state secretary of China or Russia or of some EU nation
New international law for the peaceful coexistence of
different systems:

V.1.1. International understanding : Every country is allowed to speak freely to another people for one hour each week (television, internet).
V.1.2. Every citizen from 18 - 65 provides "development aid" on a new continent for 6 months every 10 years. For every helper there is a compatriot and everyone lives, resides and works together during this time, together creating the prosperity that is taken for granted in the West.

V.2. A peaceful way to push boundaries.
V.2.1. An inhabitant of an area is someone who has paid taxes there for the last 20 years.
V.2.2. Every 10 years, they can vote in a secret ballot whether they want to move to a neighboring country or, given independence, want to found their own state. A 2/3 majority is necessary for this and the old state must be reimbursed for infrastructure investments of the last 10 years.

V.3. The UN gets its own state.
V.3.1. To this end, Greenland is being leased from Denmark for 99 years for USD 300 billion a year. The 300 billion (= $50,000 per Dane) correspond to around 14% of global military spending and will be tied much more cheerfully with the new international law.
V.3.2. Every country in need (climate change, etc.) can apply for a separate economic zone in Greenland for part of its people, which will be built by the world community. With the move of the partial population to "New Bangladesh" (example), the area corresponding to the number of citizens of Bangladesh goes under UN administration, which turns it into an uninhabited nature reserve - those people now live in Greenland.
V.3.3. Every citizen in Greenland gets a world citizenship in addition to his old citizenship, with which he can (at least temporarily) live and work in any country.

An International Rule of Law Court.
He would never comment on the good or bad of a judgment, but would only bureaucratically review its legality, i.e. only overturn political or corrupt judgments.

Individual freedom ends where the social order begins.
In western democracies, the state sees itself as the protector of the individual, in the socialist system only as the protector of state security.

Legitimacy of the state leadership, directly or indirectly by the people.
V.6.1. Made possible by a right to party membership and party duties are part of the constitution.
V.6.2. But nicer through a human right to work where you live (then you pay taxes and can vote every 10 years on staying in the state.) and a human right to an apartment where you work.

3. China's contribution:

No small country with its democracy and technology would be better suited to be the first economic zone in Greenland and thus bring to life the first world state on earth than Taiwan.

The island of Taiwan belongs to China. But what the people have built belongs to them. And instead of cumbersomely taking it with you, China can or should build New Taiwan - Chinese workers together with Taiwanese workers.

No one is forced to leave, only forced to choose freely.

2. Russia's contribution:

End of all hostilities in Ukraine.

End of sealing off one's own people: ( V.1. International understanding)

The areas occupied by Russia are demilitarized and remain under Russian control for 10 years (Chinese peacekeepers?). Then V.2. = move borders peacefully.

When Ukraine joins the EU or NATO, it returns Crimea, a former gift from Russia.

Like the West working with Russians in Russia, Russian and Ukrainian workers are rebuilding Ukraine together.

1. Europe's contribution:

All politicians who were in their country's highest parliament from 1991 (Boris Yeltsin's election) to 2014 (attack on Crimea) are imprisoned for 2 years - because they obviously didn't do everything possible to fraternize with Russia.
With the election periods 12-18, this would affect 1276 politicians (www.robodurden.de/mdb ) who would go to prison for 2 years - that is less than every 3 days since the beginning of the war young soldiers in Ukraine die.
For every narcissist who refuses, 10 volunteers go to politicians' jail for 2 years, and all signatories boycott any party that nominates such irresponsible politicians again. (Ukrainian women in Germany would love to go to prison for 2 years for peace...)

Every citizen will be fined at least 1000 euros for every "Bundestag" election between 1991 and 2014 in which he was entitled to vote, which will benefit the citizens of Russia.

Every citizen (EU or Western) between 18 and 65 has to do 6 months of “forced labour” within 10 years for the prosperity of the Russian people in Russia. As V.1.2. Who has no money for 1.2. hat helps Russia one more month for every 1000€.

Because of 1.3. around 3% of Western citizens are permanently in Russia (more than 2 million from Germany), these states absorb the same amount from the Third World in order to share the greatest treasure of our prosperity with these people: Our Basic Law

All imported goods must become so expensive that their producers can afford the same standard of living as if the goods were produced in their own country. Therefore, 100% of these import duties benefit workers in poorer countries. If an average Western wage makes it possible to have your own home, vacation with a plane and a fat SUV, then that must also apply to the cocoa farmer, who today has to send his own children to his plantation instead of to school.

Long version: www.RoboDurden.de
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