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An Open Letter to our PM and DPM 
100,000 signatories needed. Help junior doctors!

An Open Letter to our PM and DPM 100,000 signatories needed. Help junior doctors!

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This petition has been created by SUPP E. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
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SUPP Education Bureau
Press Statement issued by the SUPP EDUCATION BUREAU  dated 18th January 2020
An open letter to the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister : As fellow medical professionals, please treat our young doctors and dentists fairly.

Dr Wong and Dr Bong are medical officers (MO) on contract with Sibu hospital since 2017. Dr Wong was with the Obstetrics and Gynaecology department for 2 years and passed MRCOG part 1 paper in 2018. Dr Bong was with the Paediatrics department for 2 years and she also passed her MRCPCH part 1 in 2018. On 19 November 2019, both of them received a letter from the Ministry of Health informing them that their contracts would not be renewed anymore. This is really shocking and grossly unjust to them for the following reasons:

(1) Though they were engaged as medical officers, they received their wages in the grade of UD41 for 2 years because they were MOs on contract and not permanent staff. The difference in wages is significant. Their basic salary is RM664 per month less and the loss totals up to RM7,968 per year excluding the yearly increment. MOs are further humiliated as the HOs are getting Flexi Allowance amounting to RM600 per month but the allowance is not available to MOs. The workload as a contract medical officer with UD41 is as heavy as their colleague on the Permanent UD44 scheme.

(2) On 19 November 2019, a bigger and more devastating injustice was slammed on them when they were informed by the Ministry of Health suddenly that the Ministry had decided not to renew their contracts. No reason was given in the letter of termination. There are 4 doctors whose contracts are terminated. They are now left in a limbo. They have passed respectively MRCOG part 1 and MRCP (Paediatrics) part 1. Without working in an approved hospital for a period of not less than 4 years, they cannot sit for their final part in O & G and Paediatrics. All medical officers who wish to become specialists have legitimate expectations that the Ministry of Health would allow them to work in government hospitals for a period of say 7 years like in the U.K. so that they can have the requisite trainings. The decision of the government not to renew contracts for medical officers who are doing postgraduate studies is a travesty of justice.The termination of contracts rubbed salt into the wounds because the letter from Sibu Hospital dated 22 November 2019 to the Ministry of Health had confirmed that the departments of O & G and Paediatrics in their hospital are understaffed. Under such circumstances, why does Ministry of Health still decide not to renew their contracts?

(3) They are informed that their termination is the first case in the country whereby contracts of medical officers are not renewed. Therefore, they expect that more terminations of medical officer contracts will follow soon. This unreasonable termination of employment of doctors must be stopped immediately.

(4) Thus they demand that the Ministry of Health and the Public Service Department must either extend the contracts of the medical officers for a period of 7 years or make them permanent staff so that these medical officers can be trained to be specialists who are in severe shortage in Malaysia.

SUPP Education Bureau hereby  posts a petition in the website. We hope to obtain at least 100,000 signatories supporting the young medical and dental officers. SUPP Education Bureau urges the public particularly HOs, MOs and parents of the HOs and MOs to sign this petition to highlight the travesty of justice and raise public awareness to gain strong support for our case.

SUPP Education Bureau also requests Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad, the Minister of Health to answer the following questions:-

(a) SUPP Education Bureau is informed that only 25% of the medical and dental officers will get permanent posts. We demand that the Ministry of Health to publicly disclose the criteria of giving permanent posts to those medical and dental officers.

(b) Since Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad assumed the office in May 2018, there were several controversial policies bringing outcries amongst the public.

(i) Abolishment of Critical Service Incentive Payment (BIPK). The abolishment was annulled after huge public outcry.

(ii) The controversial amendment of Poison Act 1952 was withdrawn after it was revealed that jail awaited doctors who refused patients’ prescription requests. The amendment was postponed after strong protests from doctors and dentists.
Likewise, on the abrupt termination of MOs, SUPP Education Bureau would like to know if the Minister of Health is being properly advised by Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, the Director General Ministry of Health on issues affecting the welfare of the doctors, dentists, pharmacists. Has the DG of Health withheld any pertinent information from the Minister? Has the DG done his research and homework thoroughly before advising the Minister?

(iii)We are being informed that when come to the confirmation of permanent posts of Medical Officers and Dental Officers, priority is given to West Malaysia eg in Klang Hospital, a total of 73 MOs are given permanent posts/ extended contracts. There is no information about the confirmation of permanent posts in Sabah and Sarawak.
of permanent posts in Sarawak.
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