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This petition has been created by Chantal W. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Chantal W.
started this petition to
My name is Chantal Wainer, I was borne in Nicaragua, I am a wife and mother of 2 daughters and the President of Ecopower International Initiative.

I am petitioning as an official United Nations Representative of the “Indigenous Peoples of the Biosphere Bosawas” (APDECOMEBO), inviting you all to participate and share in something extremely meaningful and impactful to the benefit of our collective planet.

Our organization has been working in the Bosawas Biosphere (the 2nd largest Rain Forest in the Americas next to the Amazon) for over a year and is campaigning to provide 32 communities (2000+ families) with renewable electricity to stop the destruction of the Bosawas Biosphere Indigenous Reserve and secure the food supply for more than 6,000 rural indigenous families. https://.ecopowerinitiative.com  

Members of our organization and participating indigenous families have faced direct threats and intimidation from the Nicaraguan government on behalf of the Vice President Rosario Murillo Ortega plus all the institutions directly under her command to include the National Police Force, National Military/Army, Ministry of Mining, PGR= State Legal Institution used for attacking opposition to government objectives, Ministry of Forestry and the National Forestry Institute as they themselves are set on illegally accessing (and are currently doing so) all the natural resources to include precious wood, gold, and more from the biosphere. https://www.oaklandinstitute.org/one-degree-removed 

My family and I have had our renewable energy factory in the Capital “Managua” seized and confiscated and over 500 families’ livelihoods were immediately terminated, we were forced to live in hiding following continuous threats from the Nicaraguan Regime.

However, nothing can or will stop our initiative. It is the indigenous and local people’s human birth right and they are recognized by the United Nations under the 2007 Indigenous Peoples Mandate to be the lawful and rightful owners of the land and are awarded their autonomy.

This is where YOU come in:

By signing our petition and/or donating to our campaign, YOU will:

A) Stop The Nicaraguan Government from further advancement by encroaching and raping our indigenous peoples ancestral land.

B) Help erect social and economic infrastructures for the local people of the Bosawas Biosphere to include hospitals, schools etc.

C) Immediately stop the decline and destruction of the Bosawas Biosphere and save/secure the food supply for around 30,000 indigenous people.

D) Provide clean non-toxic electricity to over 2000 families derived directly out of regenerative agriculture.

E) Save our endangered species as the Bosawas Biosphere is one of the largest continuous forests in Latin America and is home to 21 different ecosystem types and 13% of all known species worldwide, with numerous rare animals like Jaguars, Giant Anteaters and more than 200,000 species of insects.

We expect NO ACTION from the United Nations and NO ACTION from the Nicaraguan Government, SO that is why we need YOUR SUPPORT , our only hope is you, it is time to stand up to the injustice and persecution of our unarmed, unspoken, innocent, venerable indigenous people.

Please stand together with my Indigenous People and help them in their plight for Social and Economic Freedom.

Thank you in advance for your support, after signing please pass on to your friends and family and if possible post on your social networks, much appreciated and welcome to Ecopower Initiative.   Chantal Wainer ; President , Ecopower International Initiative LLC +1 561 437 2278 

https://www.facebook.com/EcopowerInitiative/  https://castorofnicaragua.com/ 

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