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Help Belarus to survive COVID-2019

Help Belarus to survive COVID-2019

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This petition has been created by Tata A. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Tata A.
started this petition to
World Health Organization, Director-General Tedros Adhanom
Dear Mr. Adhanom,

We, the undersigned, kindly ask you to pay attention to the situation with COVID-2019 in Belarus. We have every reason to believe that the country's authorities are hiding real information from both population of the country and the World Health Organization.

The Ministry of Health of Belarus shares information every other day, instead of getting daily updates. However, the information is not accurate (http://minzdrav.gov.by/ru/sobytiya/o-situatsii-s-covid-19-v-respublike-belarus) and has a huge discrepancy with the information reported anonymously by medical workers.

Number of doctors treating infected patients reported (anonymously) that they were forced to sign non-disclosure papers. Medical staff are simply afraid to speak the truth openly. In a country’s 4th most populous city (Vitebsk), there are at least a thousand patients with pneumonia in the hospitals. Most of them have not been tested for the COVID-2019.

Restaurants, parks, bars and other public spaces remain open. Mass sport events remain scheduled and attract hundreds in audience, in defiance of the World Health Organization's social distancing recommendations. The borders of the country are not shut, moreover, President Lukashenko publically shared his hopes that the citizens of neighboring Russia (that partially did implement mandatory quarantine) would come to Belarus to enjoy our hospitality and spend money on tourism. We are grateful for neighboring countries that shut their borders completely; this saved us from the additional outbreak.

While the Ministry of Health is giving the WHO-approved recommendations to reduce the chances of being infected, Alexander Lukashenko is misleading everyone by claiming that the pandemic announced by the WHO is just an international psychosis and urging people to cure virus with vodka, sauna and playing ice hockey. As ridiculous as it sounds, unfortunately, most people still prefer to follow this guidance.

Doctors have no basic means of protection, there are already many infected among them.
Considering the foregoing, the position of Batyr Berdyklychev the WHO representative in Belarus, who supports Belarusian government, assuming that it has the right policy to contain the infection, is completely incomprehensible.
Please help us to survive this pandemic with as few victims as possible. Because at the moment, based on the unofficial data that we can get from medical workers in different parts of Belarus, the number of infected people is growing, the death rate is growing (masked by other causes), it is only going to be worse and majority of population does nothing to stop the virus from spreading.

Alexander Lukashenko commenting on the death from SARS-CoV – 2 in Vitebsk: https://belsat.eu/en/news/different-climate-lukashenka-comments-on-death-in-vitsebsk/

Here are some articles about the situation in Belarus from the world most influencing media:

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