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Addressing Bias and Ending Restrictions on Yemeni Platforms - Let Truth Prevail

Addressing Bias and Ending Restrictions on Yemeni Platforms - Let Truth Prevail

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This petition has been created by زكريا ا. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
زكريا ا.
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YouTube and Facebook
Despite the prevailing notion that Facebook and YouTube are pivotal platforms for raising global awareness and fostering solidarity on critical issues, recent actions by these platforms towards content related to the Yemeni humanitarian crisis indicate intentional contribution to obscuring the truth. This is achieved through arbitrary bans and biases that favor political interests. Urgent measures are required to rectify this situation and ensure that the unfiltered truth about the Yemen war reaches the international community.

Arbitrary Bans: A Detrimental Move:
In recent weeks, YouTube has deliberately removed approximately 100 channels associated with Yemeni activists and media entities dedicated to disseminating accurate information about the Yemeni humanitarian tragedy. Similar concerns have arisen about Facebook's actions over the years. These deliberate platform actions contribute to Yemen's isolation from the world, further exacerbating the dire humanitarian crisis.

Yemen's Unfortunate Reality:
Yemen is currently facing one of the world's most severe humanitarian crises, as recognized by the United Nations Secretary-General. The Saudi-led coalition's blockade intentionally restricts international media access to Yemen, obstructing reports on the humanitarian catastrophe and coalition violations. In this context, YouTube and Facebook have emerged as critical channels for amplifying Yemen's voice on the global stage.

Addressing Bias and Demanding Equality:
We, the undersigned, not only demand YouTube and Facebook to reassess their actions and cease unjustified bans on Yemeni platforms, but also call for immediate measures to address any perceived biases that could affect content moderation. It is crucial to ensure that content policies are not influenced by political agendas, especially those that seem to favor Saudi Arabia due to political spending. The significance of these platforms in conveying Yemen's plight cannot be overstated; they should be celebrated for their potential to foster awareness and unity.

A Call for Global Solidarity:
In the spirit of unity, we call on activists, humanitarians, and concerned citizens worldwide to stand together with Yemen. We implore YouTube and Facebook to recognize their crucial role in shedding light on the crisis and to lift the bans, allowing Yemeni voices to break through the silence and expose the ongoing tragedy. Our collective efforts are vital to alleviating the suffering of the Yemeni people and ending this humanitarian crisis, while ensuring fairness, impartiality, and a commitment to truth in content moderation.

With a shared commitment to truth and fairness, we envision a future where the Yemeni crisis is no longer concealed and where global solidarity prevails. Let us work together to turn this vision into a reality, enabling the world to witness the unfiltered truth of Yemen and respond with the compassion and action it rightfully deserves.

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