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Concern Animal Heart Ltd: Chinese Zhangjiakou Government bloody hit dog to apply for Winter Olympics

Concern Animal Heart Ltd: Chinese Zhangjiakou Government bloody hit dog to apply for Winter Olympics

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This petition has been created by Concern Animal H. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Concern Animal H.
started this petition to
Concern Animal Heart Ltd

HELP !!!

Dear respectable IOC Chairman Mr. Rogge ,

The city Zhangjiakou in Hebei China, is killing dogs in whole city for applying Winter Olympic 2022! In very cruel way! We need help from people caring animals all over the world to save the miserable dogs!

In middle of this August, the government of Zhangjiakou, Hebei province, issued 《Announcement about regulations of raising dogs in downtown from Zhangjiakou

government》, said: To establish a good image of ZJK city (prepare applying Winter

Olympic 2022 ), all of "big" dogs are not allowed to be raised, and the "big" dogs

means all dogs taller than 35cm, longer than 55cm.

After this announcement been issued, the whole city became a blood city, where

plenty of dogs are struggling and screaming in their hell……

Those teams of policeman, user all kinds of tools like big net, long stick, iron forceps, iron hooks, etc. Some dogs were hold on neck by forceps, dying with screaming and bleeding. Some dogs were killed by been fallen from high. More dogs were killed

by iron sticks and even by being stepped!

This is already the 3rd day of the massacre to dogs, and it's continuing, while the dogs are still screaming under the butcher's knives. It's God forbidden that the hearts

can be so cold and behavior so savage!

Zhangjiakou Government, please put down your butcher's knife!!

Chinese style dogs-hitting is not a special case in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, but a common

phenomenon in the most cities of China in reality. The government also organized

the specialized team for catching dogs. Even more shocking is that certain local

government leaders actually personally led the dog team, frantically rushing to the

streets and alleys, slaughter the stray dogs inhumanly. Vice Mayor personally

slaughter the streets dog, I am afraid such uncivilized behavior is hard to find in the

whole world. Really brutal to no words! !

In China , due to the tremendous profit chains of animal transaction and dog meat

transaction, the Animal Protection Act has not introduced yet, that is, a large number of cats and dogs are killed or cooked brutally. A lot of cats and dogs slaughtering

plants in different size have been established in many places of China. Recently, the

Inform of Management and Implement Plan about Fixed-point Slaughtering for Dogs Slaughtering Plants in Mudanjiang has been unveiled in Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang Province on. (Source: the official website of municipal

government of Mudanjiang (the website link: http://t.cn/RvqJGMB )

According to the informed players, the merciless dogs-killing plan has been acquiesced by the Ministry of Agriculture. Thousands of dogs

will be killed with barbarity and ignorance just because people of the Korean

nationality enjoyed eating dog meat. Once the Ministry of Agriculture created a

precedent, many cities of China will follow the example of Mudanjiang. If so, the

consequence of the inhuman tragedy will be unthinkable. Chinese animal will suffer from the misfortune just because they are born in China.

A country like China--who celebrates killing dogs and cats for food(Yulin dog eating festival). Who has no sympathy on any kinds of animals. Who pretends nothing wrongs on `bear gallbladder taken alive`. It would be a filthy stain in the history that they ruin the Sports Spirit and human culture if they are permitted to hold the 'Olympic games' or 'World Cup'. For the lives of chinese dogs and cats,for the right purpose of the Olympic Spirit. Please think over.

This savage behavior from ZJK government seriously betrays the spirit of Olympic,

betrays the basic morality of human, they should be ashamed and never be a city

for Olympic!


Chinese animal protection volunteer league

P.S.1. Zhangjiakou's photos were automatically deleted online by them. Those

photos that we saved in the phone and uploaded to the space have been

inexplicably deleted as well!

P.S.2.Attachment are pictures from people in China, about activities of killing dogs in many city.

P.S.3.We earnestly request animal caring people all over the world to support appeal from us Chinese animal-loving people, by signing your names on our Petition.

We are so grateful for your solemn signature here.
Your support will help those dogs who are facing horrible disaster escape from the hell, meanwhile more important, to help pushing Chinese government to legislate the law of animal-protecting, since there is still no any law of animal-protecting in China till now.

This is why nowadays in China, the welfare of animals is nothing, the life of Chinese animals are so miserable, .In this world, you'll never find the terrible situation as same as our Chinese animals have. Please help Chinese dogs, as well as Chinese animals!

The Chineseoriginals;


在中國,由於動物交易、狗肉交易存在龐大的利益鏈,導致《動物保護法》遲遲未能出臺,這直接導致了每天都有成千上萬只貓狗慘死在野蠻的屠刀下,被送上餐桌。此外,中國大陸多地建有很多大大小小的貓狗屠宰廠,近期黑龍江省牡丹江市又出臺了《牡丹江市區肉犬屠宰廠(場)實行定點屠宰管理實施方案的通知》(資訊來源:牡丹江市政府網站(網址連結 HTTP://www.mdj.gov.cn/zwgk/zxta/20130809/095856.html)






















Posted: 7 September 2014 (Updated: 4 June 2015)