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Congressman Jared Polis: Stop introducing unscientific, national, universal DUI-cannabis impairment levels.

Congressman Jared Polis: Stop introducing unscientific, national, universal DUI-cannabis impairment levels.

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Congressman Jared Polis

2-25-14: “New NIDA Study: THC Blood Levels Do Not Accurately Measure Intoxication" so why is congress expanding the federal definition of an impaired marijuana driver and trying to use an unscientific universal THC level in the Rep. Jared Polis LUCID Bill? Having THC in one's blood does NOT prove impairment and now NIDA agrees. Innocent people with THC in their blood are being inappropriately charged with DUI and are forced into unnecessary rehab, drug testing, loss of license, fines, jail etc. The LUCID Bill does help solve the problem of impaired driving and instead traps innocent unimpaired drivers! Kill the LUCID BILL!

"Legislation introduced by Rep. Jared Polis would create a national benchmark to protect citizens from drivers under the influence of marijuana. The Colorado Democrat's bill - the Limiting Unsafe Cannabis-Impaired Driving (LUCID) Act - would expand the federal definition of an impaired driver. If his proposal were enacted, the federal definition would include those who have a cognitive or physical impairment due to the use of marijuana."

Unfortunately and unlike alcohol, every person has a different response to cannabis. That is why for decades the states have their own tests for driving IMPAIRMENT on ANY substance or lack of sleep. In CO before the unscientific limit of 5 nano was passed after being killed numerous times, the state had a 96% conviction rate of DUID drivers. 96% conviction rate! And accident fatalities DECREASED 9% in both CO and Montana ten years AFTER the voters legalized medical marijuana.

Factors that make ANY across the board THC 'impairment' level moot are:

1. How often a person consumes
2. How much a person weighs
3. Sex of the person
4. Body fat

2-25-14: “New NIDA Study: THC Blood Levels Do Not Accurately Measure Intoxication

"The findings in this study indicate that people who consume cannabis more frequently are significantly more at-risk of being found guilty of a DUI, regardless of how long ago or how much they smoked, simply because THC lingers in their blood notably longer than those who consume cannabis occasionally or rarely." "Researchers also found that the median time blood THC levels over 5 ng/ml were detectable was 3.5 hours infrequent smokers (ranging from 1.1 – 30 hours), and 1 hour in most occasional smokers (ranging from 0 – 2.1 hours); 2 individuals never tested over 5 ng/ml."”


And another consideration on lack of impairment from THC:

“Marijuana-Positive Drug Tests Not Associated With Elevated Risk Of Workplace Accidents”:

I’m willing to bet if we looked for a connection to a deadlier substances, sugar (that can also affect motor skills) after every accident that almost 100% would test positive and we wouldn’t run around blaming sugar levels for the accident and demanding unconstitutional blood draws from people. Why do we do that with cannabis when we have evidence that people can drive fine with THC in their blood at every level dependent on the 4 factors listed above?

Sugar and human behavior:

“The first and most prominently believed relationship is that between sucrose and hyperactivity and/or aggressive behaviors.” (road rage?)

“A third reported relationship has been sugar's effect on the opposite of hyperactivity, namely sedation” (accident waiting to happen?)

The first hit of cannabis takes you to your peak THC level and the second hi tdoes not increase it. Your level decreases over the next 3 hours but daily users like medical marijuana patients will never be under the 5 nano limit that was taken from a UK study that examined using BOTH cannabis and alcohol in combination, not cannabis alone. We know small amounts of alcohol impair w/o any pot.

And car insurance company's are finding: "Marijuana Users Are Safer Drivers Than Non-Marijuana Users, New Study Shows "

Please don’t use un-scientific, misleading propaganda that only harms innocent cannabis users and gets them caught up in the penal system when there is clear evidence as to why an across the board impairment level makes no scientific sense. People have been driving with cannabis in their blood at all levels for 77 years and there are no dead bodies to count.

email here:

or call: (202) 225-2161 or (970) 226-1239 or (303) 484-9596