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Dear  Wale, Ex Hex, Chef Jose Andres (Jaleo), Dan Deacon, U.S. Royalty: Please don’t participate or attend the Landmark Music Festival, DC

Dear Wale, Ex Hex, Chef Jose Andres (Jaleo), Dan Deacon, U.S. Royalty: Please don’t participate or attend the Landmark Music Festival, DC

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This petition has been created by Don I. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Don I.
started this petition to
Dear Wale, Ex Hex, Chef Jose Andres (Jaleo), Dan Deacon, U.S. Royalty
This petition is to inform you that the "Landmark Music Festival kicks off this monumental national campaign to bring awareness and funds to America's Front Yard" is a complete fraud. The Trust for the National Mall is not a charity organization but a front to launder corporate funds in an attempt to gain "sponsorship" and "political influence." See VOLKSWAGEN USA and their recent labor problem in Tennessee. ALTRIA-PHILIP MORRIS, GENERAL DYNAMICS, PEPCO, DISNEY, LOBBYISTS, LOCAL REAL ESTATE AND CONSTRUCTION EXECUTIVES make up the Trust's Board of Directors.

New Turf Regulations recently implemented threaten taxpayer access to celebrate and protest on the National Mall. The National Park Service "strongly denies" this but this concert festival proves otherwise. We are not ready to surrender the National Mall home of truly inspirational historical events: Marian Anderson's 1939 Easter Concert; Martin Luther King’s "l Have a Dream Speech"; the "Reaganville Protests" at Lafayette Park, in 1981; as well as the Positive Force organized protest for Downed City Rise featuring Fugazi at the Washington Monument, in 1995. Under the new regulations these protests and events are not guaranteed. But don't worry the Trust does have other plans. Our veterans deserve more than this: "HBO and Starbucks salute U.S. veterans and their families with this live concert on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.", November 11, 2014. Are we honoring veterans or selling coffee?

The Trust for the National Mall and the National Park Service has been responsible for the no less than four specific acts affecting the Arts and Music community in the last three years:

1. Forced the National Book Festival off the National Mall.
2. Forced the Department of Energy's Solar Decathlon off the National Mall.
3. Reduced the size/setting of the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, a National Mall staple for over 40 years.
4. Forced the National Black Family Reunion off the National Mall.

The reason for this opposition to the Festival is very straight forward:
1. The National Mall is for Free Speech and excessive corporate sponsorship silences the public.
2. No ticketed/fee restricted events should be held on the National Mall.
3. Corporate Sponsorship must adhere to current Govt. Regulations. IE NPS Director’s Order 21. (no alcohol/tobacco sponsorship)
4. Moving events to West Prospect Park endangers free speech activities on the National Mall.
5. No alcohol or should be served or advertised per DO #21.
6. Protect the Sanctity of the Mall by limiting corporate signage.
7. The Trust for the National Mall has excessive overhead and does not offer any meaningful education activities that don’t involve tobacco advertising.

Washingtonians and taxpayers from around the country will not allow this event to go forward. Aside from the "fraud" that money the festival will not actually be going to protect "America's Front Yard". The second affront being the idea that a paid musical event is to take place on the National Mall, which has been traditionally open to the general public with unlimited free admission.

The idea that a giant corporate music festival would be welcomed to Washington, DC with open arms is insulting. To quote Ms. Cunningham, "This festival is aimed at Millennials and their families." That is a load of horse manure that is now currently resting on the National Mall for the construction of the new grass. The “donations of this concert" will go to cover Ms. Cunningham's salary that is over $330,000 a year. This is an egregious crime that will not be allowed. The reason the Trust wants children to attend is so they can indoctrinate them with alcohol, tobacco, and other corporate advertising.

Washington, DC is not the kind of town which welcomes family concerts by Drake, Wale, and Ex Hex sponsored by Miller High Life beer on taxpayer land. Please feel free to have this event at the Verizon Center or Jiffy Lube Amphitheater. Yes, the 2015 Defense Bill allows sponsor recognition on the National Mall but Director's Order #21 does not allow the promotion of alcohol or tobacco on the National Mall. Yet mysteriously the Department of Interior and National Park Service look the other way.

Washingtonian Music fans and activists have fought hard to keep the local music scene, independent, all ages, and inclusive. We will not welcome a Wal-Mart of Music Festivals on our "front lawn."

It is demanded that C3 and William Morris cancel the Landmark Festival and apologize for misleading the general public about the purpose of the "The Cause." The Trust for the National Mall must follow the laws that govern the Mall including following: sponsorship regulations. (ie Volkswagen, Miller High Life, Yahoo, State Farm, Camelback, Tito’s Vodka and Altria/Philip Morris.) The National Park Service and Department of Interior must enforce regulations under the C.F.R. and Director's Orders. As well as let the public comment on the Revised Director’s Order #21 which is being hidden from the public.

Sincerely yours,
The Undersigned
(___Your NAME__)