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FamilyMart & Hiroshima Prefecture JAPAN: BOYCOTT "FamilyMart" & Hiroshima JAPAN For Trapping and Killing Dogs &a

FamilyMart & Hiroshima Prefecture JAPAN: BOYCOTT "FamilyMart" & Hiroshima JAPAN For Trapping and Killing Dogs &a

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This petition has been created by Akiko M. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Akiko M.
started this petition to
FamilyMart & Hiroshima Prefecture JAPAN
"FamilyMart" in East Hiroshima, JAPAN actively traps Homeless Dogs and Cats and Leaves them outside the store until prefecture pound comes to collect them to be GASSED TO DEATH!!!! BOYCOTT FAMILY MART and HIROSHIMA PREFECTURE!!!!

According to "NPO Orphaned Dogs & Cats Rescue" blog, "FamilyMart" Shiwa-Kabusaka store in Higashi Hiroshima, Hiroshima prefecture actively traps and leaves the dogs outside until Hiroshima Prefectural Pound (called Animal Welfare Centre!?) comes to collect them!

The store say they are doing this as they had complaints from neighbours.
FAMILY MART is one of the largest convenience store chain.

When the NPO rang the FamilyMart Head Office on the 17th March, they proudly told them that they were contributing to the local community!
Furthermore, the headquarter is planning to establish a manual for all their franchisee to trap the dogs and hand them to the pounds providing their car parks in order to incorporate with the authorities and local communities!!!
The staff at the store have no conscience whatsoever about catching dogs.

How ridiculous is this?
Many children have already got emotional damage witnessing the trapped cats and dogs in front of the store.

The photo is a lucky dog which was rescued by "NPO Orphaned Dogs & Cats Rescue".

All these dogs and cats are victims of irresponsible humans and greedy breeders.

The Hiroshima Prefecture Animal Welfare Centre has an enormous land enough to accommodate any number of dogs but they are completely wasted, and they are actively killing all collected animals.
In 2015, they trapped 741 dogs and 82 injured cats and collected 304 dogs and 13,204 cats asked by owners.
Horrendously, residents took 304 dogs and 1,204 cats to the centre.
In total, they killed 1,309 dogs and 2,372 cats!!

Hiroshima has suffered the worst human disaster by atomic bomb.
Over 140,000 lives were lost, and declared "The City of Peace" but they have no respect whatsoever to lives of others!

Let's boycott Family Mart and Hiroshima Prefecture until they apologise and change their attitude towards sentient beings!

FamilyMart Twitter; famima_now@famima_now
Governor of Hiroshima, Hidehiko Yuzaki Email: Twitter: 湯崎 英彦@yuzakihide
Hiroshima Prefecture Animal Welfare Centre Email:


「NPO犬猫みなしご救援隊」 によると、広島県東広島市志和町大字七条椛坂2057番地にあるファミリーマート志和椛坂店では駐車場の一角に野犬用の捕獲器を置いて野犬が入ったら従業員が扉を閉め、県の保健所が引き取りに来るまでさらし者にしているということです。


NPO法人が3月17日にファミリーマート本社 に電話したところ、彼らは誇らしげに地域社会に貢献していると言ったという事です。





無責任で残酷な飼い主に寄ってセンターに持ち込まれた犬304匹、猫1,204匹を引き取り、合計で、彼らは犬1309匹、猫 2,372を殺しました!



ファミリーマートツィッター: Email: Twitter: famima_now@famima_now
広島県知事、湯崎秀雄氏: Email:
Twitter: 湯崎 英彦@yuzakihide
広島県動物愛護センター Email: