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This is an emergency:
Join the global climate strike Friday, Sept 20

Global leaders: #PalmOil is main contributor to climate change and habitat destruction. We refuse to be part of this!

Global leaders: #PalmOil is main contributor to climate change and habitat destruction. We refuse to be part of this!

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T S.
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Joko Widodo - Vytenis Andriukaitis - Angela Merkel,
Countries Food/Medicine/Energy and Fuel administrations x
We, the citizens say NO to Palm Oil and YES to preserving our wildlife habitat, rainforests and transparency. We call upon global leaders to make the food and drug administrations in every country in the world to BAN any products containing palm oil. We don’t want unhealthy Palm Oil in any of our products. Palm Oil is killing our planet. Foods that contain Palm Oil are seriously damaging our health. It has been well known fact that Palm Oil is causing cancer, since 2004, yet the food safety authorities have decided to stay quite. Palm Oil is also leading to obesity and heart problems, to mention just a few of the health issues. The production of Palm Oil compromises our planet’s delicate climate balance, destroying the habitat of the orang-utan, tigers, elephants and all wildlife in Indonesia. In South America, its production comes with the price of indigenous people losing the lands they’ve lived on for hundreds of generations. In Africa, areas are losing the ability to grow food for themselves and Water supplies are also being contaminated by pesticides used on the oil palm plantations. Palm Oil is linked to human rights violations and slavery. Why do you allow this type of product be sold and FORCED ON US? We, the people demand to know what products contain Palm Oil, should you still decide to push it on us, knowingly poisoning your own citizens and animals, only for profits! We have the freedom of choice, what we buy and from whom we buy! Start investing on solar and wind energy! Not to biofuels. Signed by: WE, THE CITIZENS!