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This petition has been created by The Voice Of the R. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
The Voice Of the R.
started this petition to
My name is Ahmad bin Ahmad Hadi.
I am a father of three children.
I am the head of Al-Haq political party in Yemen,
Head of Aden and Abyan branches.

While the war was going on in Aden, the Saudi Arabian Air Force struck my building. I was fortunately in my other house, in another city. When the war was finally coming to an end in the south, I had the chance to return to Aden governorate. On 14 October, al-Qaida and Emirates mercenary troops attacked my house at midnight, arrested me and took me to an unknown prison where they tortured me daily. I was jailed in a small dark room overflowed of urine and shit for 45 days, I couldn't bend my body and sleep straight like normal human beings anymore.
After 45 days, they took me to the hospital because I was bleeding. The doctor recognized me and contacted my nephew who took me to the north to escape. When he returned, they arrested him and tortured him in order to tell the place where I'm hiding. They cut off his finger so he told them what they wanted to hear. Two times they have tried to assassinate me in Sanaa, while I was going to be appointed deputy of the ministry of general works and roads. I was under extreme terror and fear and had to leave Yemen so I decided to go to Kenya by air, through Cairo, to Ethiopia, and then to Nairobi.
Afterward, my only small son was kidnapped for a month, in order to pressure on me to surrender. I had to sell the last land that I had there and paid 4.5 million Yemeni rials to a sheik (leader of a tribe ) who is my father's friend, which arranged his escape directly to the airport for the flight to Sudan, then to Nairobi.

At the present time, we are refugees here(Kenya) living a humiliating, horrible life with no security, with no shelter to sleep or food for two years now.
The Unchr Kenya said that we are already at the resettlement unit waiting for our call. Then the intelligent service in Sanaa caught one of the al-Qaida members who was involved in the two assassination attempts against me. He gave the information that al-Qaida branch in Kenya, Shabab is already searching for me with the clear intention to assassinate me, so the prime minister's office sent a direct official letter to the Unchr and the Chief of the Kenyan Police warning them and requesting to secure me in a save house or to transfer me to any Save country. Unfortunately, with no response. Meanwhile, some spies from here informed the Saudi Arabian ambassador in Nairobi that a Huti leader is here and on the way to be resettled to Europe, so he invited me to his office and offered me to work for them against my allies. He offered me in exchange to be transferred to Riadh and live in a villa, he offered me money as well and promised me to be appointed in the Yemeni legal government. I apologized and told him I am done with politics and all I want is to be resettled into a save country and to live the rest of my life with my wife and children in safety. He advised me to think again, and said: "We will not accept the unchr and the Kenyan government to resettle you in Europe or America because these governments will use your case against our regime".
And pressured me to write a declaration in which to state that I'm willing to work for them" so he can threaten to use that declaration against me if I will speak about anything said at that meeting. I was afraid that they may arrest or harm me in their embassy and for this reason, I wrote the declaration so I can get outside safely.

Now, two years passed and the Unchr still are asking me to wait for their call. I know the Saudi ambassador interfered in my resettlement process and made pressure on the Kenyan government and the Unchr to delay it.
As expected, they had accepted because the Saudi Arabian government it's one of the greatest supporters to the Unchr and the Kenyan government. Because of hunger in Yemen, and the suffering of my whole family, I've gone to hospitals and offered to donate a part of my liver to anyone, just to receive help in exchange, a place to sleep in any small room where to bring my daughters and wife and to support us with food. That's all I ask for.
But with no response! We sleep without any blanket or pillows in this cold rainy weather. I cover my son with my own jacket and hug him to sleep. The time when he was in the prison made him fear to be alone or in close rooms and afraid of anyone that carries guns.
I'm a Sick 40 years man, I had five discs injury in my spine and heart hugeness and the left lung had been stoned with calcium and don't work anymore and at the right knee, I have a high infection because of walking through looking for rests to feed my son.

All I dream of is to resettle in any safe country with my son and bring my wife and daughters and live in safety, with dignity, respect, and humanity. To anyone, to any church or organization who can help us with our resettlement, I and my family are begging you in the name of Jesus Christ to help us!