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Allow Irish Citizens To Call For Referendums In Ireland

Allow Irish Citizens To Call For Referendums In Ireland

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Paul C.
started this petition to
Michael D. Higgins,
Members of Dáil Éireann,
Constitutional Convention

Those who make the laws determine how, when, and if voters can vote. Ireland and other EU member states are but recent examples. Governments throughout history have been tools of oppression; they need not be. Citizens of Ireland can gain control of their government by becoming lawmakers and turning its purpose to public benefit, and stemming government growth––the people can collectively decide for their own future other than their elected officials or political party.

How do people become lawmakers? Dáil Éireann is not likely to dilute its power by empowering the people as lawmakers. Therefore, the people themselves must enact the Citizen’s Initiative for Democracy, a proposed law that nationally empowers them as lawmakers.

Are the people qualified enough to make laws directly to govern their lives? They’re qualified enough on Election Day to give their power away to political candidates who manipulate the electoral process to get elected. In fact, it’s easier to decide one’s self-interest directly than it is to guess the mind of a representative who will naturally put his or her self-interest first.

The Citizen’s Initiative is a legislative package sponsored by The Real Republic (, a non-profit organisation that includes an Amendment to the Constitution of Ireland - Bunreacht na hÉireann. The Democracy Amendment 1) amends the Constitution asserting the legislative powers of the people, 2) gives citizens the opportunity to vote on the National Initiative, 3) creates an Electoral Trust to maintain citizen lawmaking independent of representatives, 4) the Democracy Act sets out deliberative legislative procedures to be used for initiative lawmaking by citizens in every government jurisdiction of Ireland, 5) defines the electoral threshold that must be reached for the National Initiative to become the law of the land.