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This petition is closed
Thank you for the support!  It has made such a difference.

Thank you for the support! It has made such a difference.

This petition is closed
2,323 have signed. Let's get to  2,500
2,323 Supporters

Jessica H.
started this petition to
Ministère de la Justice, Commissaire du Gouvernement
Thank you for the support! We have a long way to go in protecting the Wynne Farm Ecological Reserve, but have made huge strides with your recent support.

(Ale anle pou vèsyon Kreyol la)
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Port-au-Prince, June 8, 2018

Commissioner of the Government of Port-au-Prince , Ocname Clamé DAMEUS
Ministry of Justice and Public Security, Jean Roudy ALY
Minister of the Environment, Pierre Simon GEORGES
Ministry of Agriculture, Joubert ANGRAND
Minister of the Interior and Territorial Communities, Jean Marie Reynaldo BRUNET

The undersigned present their compliments and come to ask for your kindness your support and your patriotic solidarity on a problem that challenges us all, the protection of our environment for ourselves and for future generations.

The Kenscoff Wynne Farm Ecological Reserve has served communities and families, as well as hundreds of small farmers and thousands of schoolchildren over the past 60 years, so the Wynne family has continued to work tirelessly to preserve and protect this park.

The Wynne Farm Ecological Reserve is a place where farming techniques are shared, allowing children to fully understand their ecosystem while offering everyone a haven of peace to breathe and enjoy nature. This is the only place to be available to the general public. As proof, the Ministry of the Environment honored this place last year for its hard work and dedication to environmental protection and education.

Unfortunately, for several years the reserve and the Wynne family have been victims of all kinds of threats that have intensified in recent months. Your help is urgent and necessary. Some ill-intentioned residents have not only falsified the title deeds but sold them to third parties. This is not the first time that these thugs commit this kind of wrongdoing. On May 25, a dozen men associated with these spoliators beat the guardian of the property in the middle of the night and, was it not the intervention of a good man, he would certainly have succumbed to this treatment. Members of the Wynne family have also been facing increasingly serious threats. At the beginning of this week, a full mare was coldly slaughtered by these same individuals. This morning,

The reserve, its employees and the Wynne family have suffered such aggression among many others. Their appeal to Haitian justice has remained a dead letter to date. That is why we come to your support as a mother to intervene with the judicial system in its impartiality to bring these people before their natural judges and prevent other threats to the reserve whose importance is obvious to all. This work must continue for the good of communities, the country and citizens in general.

We invite you to visit this sacred place with your family to see for yourself the reasons why it should be protected and preserved for present and future generations.

We thank you in advance for your attention to this petition and please accept the expression of our highest esteem.

Wynne Farm was founded in 1956 by Victor Ainsley Wynne, a civil engineer and geologist with several degrees from Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) in the United States. The bad use of the land and the inevitable results of which erosion and deforestation call this man lover of nature. As a result, he buys some 30 hectares of several owners of the area to create the said farm and the reserve. With the help of 40 peasants, he carries out earthworks and propagates native species to conserve the richness of the biodiversity of this country. He takes the opportunity to introduce fruits and vegetables, as well as trees from many parts of the world. Victor Wynne has focused his efforts and teachings on soil conservation, composting and appropriate farming techniques such as earthworks.

Since 1994, this farm is dedicated to environmental education with the aim of promoting sustainable development and the recovery of Haiti and the planet in general. The Audubon Society, an international conservation organization, has recently discovered 23 different bird species that are found nowhere else in Haiti, in one day.

Ann Kreyol:

Moun ki siyen anba does not know his konpliman e ap mande nou solidarite nou, potekole ak yo nan jwenn solisyon pou rezon yon pwoblèm ki konséne nou tout, nan pwoteje anviwonman pou byenet nou ak byenèt jenerasyon k ap vini yo.

Rezèvwa anviwonman fém Wynne kenscoff sévi kominote ak fanmi yo, san konte agrikiltè zon nan ak all élèv lekòl peyi has depi 60 lane, fanmi Wynne pa janm sispann travay for konsève epi pwoteje kalite pak sa a.

Rezèvwa anviwonman fém Wynne nan is kote anpil echanj fèt sou kesyon teknik agrikòl, is kot timoun aprann kisa lanati moun, kijan po yo viv ak li, respekte l, pwoteje l, yon espas kote or ka breathes good le pandan w ap tande zwazo sings ... Sél kote ki louvri for all moun, toutan. Ane pase ministry Anviwonman rekonet ofisyelman kokenn travay k ap fet ak all ken nan espas sa a p pote l l ak nan edikasyon moun ak lanati. Malerezman, depi kèk ane rezèvwa anviwonman sa ak any fanmi Wynne ap sibi gwo kalite menas, e depi kèk mwa his wine pi pidd. Nou bezwen sipò w prese prese. Gen kèk moun malonét zon nan k ap fé fo papy fo vann tè. Say ye premye fwa moun malonet his yo ap fez zak sa yo. Nan lannwit 25 me ki sot pase a, yon douzèn vagabond ki asosye ak moun malonet sa yo bat gadyen property a byen bat si se pa t yon nèg vanyan ki pran chans vin sove l li ta ka tou mouri anba kou. Fanmi Wynne tou ap sibi anpil menas grav. Nan koumansman semen nan menm vagabond his yo touye yon femel chwal ki te ansent. Menm play, yo shoot anil kout zam sou sit the aggression fanmi Wynne, dezyem majistra kenscoff the ak 4 polisye.

Rezevwa has, all anxiously yo ak fanmi Wynne viktim all kalite agresyon already. Ministry of Justice Lajistis pa janm reponn sekou nou yo. On his own behalf, he spoke to Manman Pitit, asking for the help of his father, his father, his father, his father and his mother, and his father and sister. Travay k ap fet fo pwoteje rezevwa anviwonman sa a pa dwe kanpe, li itil kominote a, peyi a ak all popilasyon an anjeneral.

N ap pwofite envite w ak any fanmi w w w ak i pa w rezon ki fè li enpotan for all kontribye nan pwoteje epi konsève sit his pou nou nan jenerasyon k ap viv jodi has ak his ki gen for vini apre nou yo.

N ap di w yon gwo Mési davans for sipò or ka pote nan dosye sa, nan petisyon sa, n ap prezante w all rekonesans nou ak estim nou.

Istwa sits there:
Victor Ainsley Wynne goes up on his nan lane 1956, is yen enjenyè sivil, yon jeolog (moun ki etidye kalite sòl) li te resevwa diplòm li nan inivèsite Harvard ak Enstiti Teknoliji Massachussetts peyi Etazini. Li te renmen Lanati anpil e byen saw li te we konsekans move tretman sol the ak debwazamn. Kansa li koumanse buys 30 kawo tè nan men plizyè proprietè tè nan zòn for fè sit sa a. Ak 40 peyizan li koumanse sakle epi li kenbe rich té ak his li jwenn nan tè peyi a. li pote plizye varyete fri ak legim, py bwa tou ki soti plizye kote nan lemonn. Victor Wayne travay anpil sou teknik konsèvasyon sòl, sou konpòs ak teknik agrikòl ki good pout è yo tankou saklaj.

Depi lane 1994, pi gwo travay fèm nan sou souikasyon anviwonman ak lide po li li pll chak jou epi replase Ayiti ak planet the anjeneral. Audubon society, yon òganiszasyon konsèvayon entènasyonal, dekouvri dènyèman, nan lespas yon jounen, 23 hopes zwazo yo pa wè ankenn lòt kote an Ayiti.

En Français:
June 8, 2018

We are writing to respectfully ask for your support and solidarity in what we believe is an important issue for all Haitians: the protection of our environment for this generation and the next. The Wynne Farm Ecological Reserve in Kenscoff has served as a community for many years, and it is for that reason that the Wynne family continues to preserve and protect the park.

The Wynne Farm Ecological Reserve is a place where farming techniques are shared, where children learn about their ecosystem, and where everyone can have a place to breathe and be in nature. The reserve is only available to the public in the Port-au-Prince area. For these reasons, the Ministry of the Environment pays tribute to the last year for its hard work and dedication to environmental protection and education.

Sadly, the threat and the family have been threatened for many years, and the threats have intensified the last few months. We need your support. Local residents have been falsifying land titles to the book and selling the false titles. This is not the first time these bandits have taken advantage of someone else's land. These same bandits built structures on the reserve. On May 25, a dozen or so men with these bandits beat the guardian on the reserve's property late at night. If it was not for one brave man who intervened, the guardian would have been beaten to death. The bandits also have members of the Wynne family. Earlier this week, bandits killed the reserve's pregnant horse. And, just this morning,

The reserve, its employees, and the Wynne family endured these and other threats. They have tried to use the legal system to obtain justice and safety. We ask for your solidarity so that the work can continue and communities can continue to enjoy the reserve.

We invite you to visit the reserve with your family. Also, we ask for your solidarity in the justice system and we will be fair and impartial in these cases. With your help, the future will be for the future.

History :
The Wynne Farm was founded in 1956 by Victor Ainsley Wynne, a civil engineer and geologist with degrees from Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in the United States. He noted the ongoing misuse of the land and the inevitable threats of erosion and deforestation in the country, and purchased 30 hectares of various plots of land and landowners. He then terraced the farm with 40 men and propagated indigenous species to conserve Haiti's rich biodiversity and various fruits, vegetables and trees from the world. Victor Wynne the need for soil conservation, composting, reforestation and experimentation with agricultural techniques such as terracing.

Since 1994, the farm has been dedicated to environmental education in sustainable development and the destruction of Haiti, but the planet. The Audubon Society, an international land conservation organization, recently found a different species in Haiti.