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Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti,NOIDA, INDIA: Scrap M.O.D(Master on Duty) imposed on teachers

Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti,NOIDA, INDIA: Scrap M.O.D(Master on Duty) imposed on teachers

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This petition has been created by AINVSA T. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
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Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti,NOIDA, INDIA
All the employees of Jawhar Navodaya Vidyalayas in India have been striving at all the levels for the herculean task of procuring Pension GOI 1972 cum GPF Pension scheme to all the employees.
All the Principals have had been co-operative in this task and have directly or indirectly supported in this venture. We appeal all the Principals to bear with us more and be co operative and supportive in other demands too.
The Principals should see to it that other staff welfare measures are also fulfilled. They should not be self-centered and focus only on Pension issue. Though AINVSA has given priority to PENSION GOI 1972 as the first and foremost demand, it also has put forward other demands too., having received many grievances from all corners. AINVSA appeals all the Principals to have a congenial attitude with the staff, striving for other demands.
AINVSA has repeatedly given intimation to the Commissioner to scrap M.O.D Duty, vis-à-vis the present scenario and escalating work load due to CCE pattern introduced by CBSE. The overall development of the student is given more importance by CBSE, and for that more time is needed. Engaging teachers for 16 hours a day is against the Human Rights. NVS Hqrs should intervene, and mitigate the overburden duties before the issue is taken up by other outside organizations; for the employees are humans first and then employees.NVS should be aware that the office bearers of AINVSA want to make Navodaya Vidyalayas run smoothly throughout the country and not disturb the ongoing work culture. AINVSA only tries to draw the attention to the lacunae in the system, which may aggravate in future, if not looked upon and heeded now.
The Principals should voluntarily agree to this demand. If an another teacher is deployed for teaching a subject, whereupon a permanent teacher exists for a particular subject then its an insult to that permanent teacher. Similarly the Principals should feel embarrassed when their task is taken up by their junior subordinate. He should voluntarily refute this allocation., to protect his self esteem. On the contrary, its found that the Principals are more adamant and stringent on the compliance of M.O.D Duties by teachers.
The Vice Principals are posted in almost all the Vidyalayas, and Senior Most Teacher assisting wherein lacked. The prior duty of the Vice Principals is that of observing and supervising the activities of the Vidyalayas. When the Principals have Vice Principals and Senior Most Teachers to their assistance, why do they rely on the M.O.Ds is beyond comprehension. The teachers have other work loads apart from supervision. Moreover, he/she is also not freed from other tasks of House Masterships, teaching or committees works on that day of MOD, sometimes clashing with his/her routine work and causing negligence in his/her own routine tasks.
The Principals and all the authorities and administrative staff are hereby appealed to have empathetic attitude towards the teaching fraternity and understand their dilemma. The teachers have always assisted the Principals in the administrative task in the earlier days, but there should be amendments in the tasks and duties’ as per the changing circumstances, in the present context----current inclusions of Right to Education Act ,Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation methodology and many other statutory and supervisory bodies in India to have a surveillance of the ongoing education system.

NVS Hqrs and the Regional Office should have an impartial attitude to all the staff, and not one sided with any sections or factions. Deploying teachers as MOD to lessen the work of Principals makes the supervison duty of Principals less serious, and making them to impugn the teachers for their own negligence.