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Sign a petition to the Danish government, the UN, the WHO, the EU and all governments: Stop the 5G holocaust roll out in Denmark and the world!

Sign a petition to the Danish government, the UN, the WHO, the EU and all governments: Stop the 5G holocaust roll out in Denmark and the world!

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This petition has been created by Mark S. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Mark S.
started this petition to
Sign a petition to the Danish government, the UN, the WHO, the EU and all governments
companies worldwide and in Denmark, with the support of governments, are
rolling out the fifth generation of wireless network called 5G within the next
two years, and possibly with that the greatest holocaust the world has ever

Although the WHO in 2011 and 10.000 of independant peer studies
worldwide have recognized the life threatening and irreversible effect of RF
wireless radiation on the environment and on ecological systems, governments
and telecommunication companies worldwide and here in Denmark violate a long
list of international laws and agreements concerning the safety and protection
of human and environmental safety.

5G is ten to hundred times more powerful
than 4G RF radiation, which is already considered to be dangerous, causing
D.N.A. damage, infertility, brain and skin tumors, Alzheimer, cell damage,
heart diseases, diabetes, sleep problems, stress, digestive problems, cancers
and so much. Governments and thereby telecommunication companies do have a duty
to inform the public of potential dangers. Independant research is however not
supported, public hearings get obstructed, public testimonies get undermined...

Telecommunication and governmental supported , so called scientific researches,
tell us that there is no hard scientific evidence for the damaging effects of
wireless RF radiation on our health and the environment. The argument of this
is false, because they should proof us IT IS SAFE, which they cannot do,
turning us and all life on this planet, into experimental guinea pigs.
Insurance companies know the dangers, and do not want to be liable for the
potential EMF dangers and damages. And there is zero clarity as to what entity
will bear legal responsibility. 5G is being rolled out, and soon there will
literally be no place on earth where we can escape its radiation and effect...
We will cook in it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It will effect everything,

To approach the responsible people in telecom companies like as an example the three biggest telecom companies in Denmark, such as TDC (Underdirector Martin Nielsen) , Telia (udviklingsdirektør Peter Ditlev Nødbak) and Telenor (teknologidirektør Henrik Kofod)  is made completely impossible. No contact information is handed out so there is no way you can lodge your concern as an ordinary citizen. Yet you can however sign a petition which is directed to the UN, the WHO, the EU, the Coucil of Europe and the governments of all nations! Go to for more well documented information on this topic. On the home page you find at the top a heading which says SIGN HERE. Please take action now, and spread this message to all you can reach, before it is to late! Our greatest enemy is not 5G, it will be our potential apathy...