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South Africa: President Jacob Zuma; Minister Edna Molewa: STOP all HUNTING of Kruger National Park's BIG GAME!

South Africa: President Jacob Zuma; Minister Edna Molewa: STOP all HUNTING of Kruger National Park's BIG GAME!

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South Africa: President Jacob Zuma; Minister Edna Molewa

A prominent trophy hunting broker is openly advertising “Hunt Elephants in South Africa” which the South African government allows. The problem with this is that the hunts are being conducted in the unfenced Associated Private Nature Reserves (APNR) where they border the KNP where all the fences were removed in 1993, allowing the animals of the Kruger to roam freely into the private reserves.

The hunting broker quotes -: “The hunt will take place on a 60,000 acre+ Associated Private Nature Reserve (APNR) . The APNR reserves have no fences and so are open to the Kruger Park, allowing animals to roam at will.”

So basically animals that roam from the KNP, and if you have their advertised price of $65,000, then the Elephants are subject to being killed by wealthy Trophy Hunters.

Quote from Manager Broker John Martins from Discount African Hunts of Palm Harbor, Florida -: “I will not be deterred from selling legal hunts and have since listed white rhino hunts, elephant hunts within the Associated Parks Nature Reserves (APNR) that feature unfenced borders with Kruger Park.”

Elephant hunting has understandably been under pressure from the anti-hunting establishment resulting in the Importation of ivory from Tanzania and Zimbabwe being recently halted by the USF&W Service. What most people have celebrated "prematurely" is the USF&W’s ruling on stopping the export of ivory,

"prematurely" because it does not include South Africa and Namibia that are currently the only two countries that are allowed to export sport hunted ivory and Rhino horn to the United States, so will continue to promote the illegal trade in Ivory thus drive up demand and poaching. Paying for a trophy hunt to then export is trading...

When will this kind of irresponsible legal hunting stop? And why does the U.S.Fish & Wildlife Service not include all countries in the ban against the export in ivory? The short answer is that according to USF&W Service, "it is due to reports of rampant poaching in Tanzania’s Selous Reserve and the mass poisoning of elephants in Northern Zimbabwe's Hwange Park." So now all the hunters will come to South Africa and Namibia to do their killing.

1.4 Million tourists from all over the globe visit the Kruger National Park each year to see and photograph Africa’s beautiful animals under the impression that it is a protected reserve, free of Trophy Hunting. This is now very questionable and in my opinion could be extremely damaging to SanParks reputation and future tourism.

Also this hunting web site is the one that has sold and is currently selling hunting packages to kill the rare Namibian Desert Elephants (which one of these was killed less than two weeks ago).

The information in this article is taken from a public hunting web site and is in no way representing anything but the facts contained on their public domain.

Article and photography by Wild Heart.
28 June 2014

Below is the web page (Discount Africa Hunts) advertising the hunt.

Also information on Associated Private Nature Reserves (APNR)