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Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park border Lion killings and governance problems.

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park border Lion killings and governance problems.

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This petition has been created by Joe L. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Joe L.
started this petition to
South African Parks Board,
Botswana Parks
South Africa exported 60 tons of lion carcasses from 2009 seriously peaking in 2016. Illegal exports are not counted. Lion populations have declined nearly 50% over 50 years.
Lions and other species protected over decades in the Park with South African tax payer money are allowed to roam into Botswana where they are hunted or killed by farmers or other hunters in effect. Mainly due to the badly maintained fence and the north eastern side where there is no fence.

Killing of one lion seriously disrupts the rest of the pride and when a new leader takes over a pride up to 20 additional lions are kille.d

If the Parks natural resources are not strichtly controlled smuggling of certain high value species will be in great danger soon. If audit trails on lion shootings are not very accurate kept and revitalised Parks will have not be able to fulfill their function as per mandate at all. All other standards fall away if the boundaries of the Park is not seen as the ultimate priority by both South Africa and Bostwana.
The Kgalagadi lion and other species protected by stakeholders over decades are escaping the park on the north eastern side where there is no fence. Waterholes are being closed as if all animals are free to follow ancient migratory routes on the one hand and on the other 70% of the park is fenced causing animals to roam into Botswana teritories from the Park where they are hunted for various gains.. So this in effect is using SouthAfrican tax payers money to first breed animals in the South African side of the Park and sponsoring Botswanas hunting business bordering the park or plain food.