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This petition is closed
Stop Nickelback From Coming To South Africa

Stop Nickelback From Coming To South Africa

This petition is closed
223 have signed. Let's get to  500
223 Supporters

started this petition to,
Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille,
Rock Gods

This band should not be allowed to corrupt the ears of young South Africans with their mediocre brand of nasal, whiny, constipated sub-genre of musical attempt.

Please see below for further information:

Some people think this is slightly forgivable as Parlotones went to America. This is incorrect as Nickelback is CANADIAN. Regardless, two wrongs don't make a right.


So I hear we've made it onto national radio! I am glad to have contributed to your radio content with my Monday humour.

I would like to let the public know that I am well aware of the serious nature of and am an avid supporter of their more serious and pertinent petitions in this regard.

Dear Nickelback haters, please be aware that your votes in all likelihood WILL NOT BEAR ANY REAL CONSEQUENCE to whether or not Nickelback comes to South Africa, but feel free to show your opinion by signing.

As you were.