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This petition is closed
This petition is now closed

This petition is now closed

This petition is closed
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Claire B.
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The New Zealand House of Representatives
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All New Zealand parents, teachers and principals, please act now to stand up for the children of New Zealand.

The Government is fast-tracking an initiative that will see $359 million spent on changing the management structure of our education system in New Zealand.

It is claimed that this initiative will raise the educational standards of children in New Zealand. However there have been many questions raised by primary teachers and their union at the effectiveness of this initiative for schools that are already thriving and achieving success for children.

We have a unique education system in New Zealand, and many passionate teachers and principals who work hard to maintain individual cultures within schools and do the very best for the children who attend the schools. It would be a shame if this was lost because of an initiative that is pushed through without prior consultation with those who will be directly affected.

Why not consult teachers and principals who know what is most needed to support children's learning, as to what they believe will be the best use of this money?

Why is the voice of parents and Boards of Trustees not being heard about what their schools need to ensure all children get a chance to succeed?

Save our Schools NZ say: “While acknowledging the commitment in making New Zealand’s education system second to none, pumping $359 million into schools without transparency and meaningful engagement with the sector is throwing the money away. We urgently ask that the government first lift its constraints already placed around the funding and secondly, consider without prejudice, the overwhelming evidence around what can best be done to support our children and ultimately our society as a whole… Rather than inject a large single resource at the top via salaries, we say give the money to the kids as early as possible in a real effort to effect long term change that will benefit children, families, and society as a whole.” You can read the whole article here:

Your signature is valued and much appreciated to raise our voice, so that we can have a say in how our schools are managed.