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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration: Protect Homeopathy by Supporting FDA CPG 400.400

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration: Protect Homeopathy by Supporting FDA CPG 400.400

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This petition has been created by Laura T. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Laura T.
started this petition to
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Homeopathy Urgently Needs Our Support!

For over 200 years,
Homeopathic medicine has been treasured for it’s safety, effectiveness, and affordability.
Over 500 million people worldwide use homeopathy for common ailments and life
threatening diseases alike. In April
2015, the FDA held a public hearing to re-evaluate its views on the use and
regulation of homeopathic products. The FDA is seeking written responses on eight
specific topics, but is also interested
in gathering other pertinent information. The
deadline for submissions is August 21st 2015. We are
requesting that the FDA continue to regulate homeopathy under Compliance Policy
Guideline 400.400, which has made homeopathy widely and safely accessible to
the public

It’s time to raise our voices
for homeopathy. We need to let the FDA know that current regulations have made quality homeopathic treatment, widely and safely accessible.
Please voice your support for
this remarkably safe and powerful system of medicine which continues to enrich
and protect millions of lives throughout the globe! Voice support for homeopathy at:

the FDA's questions under “II. Scope of the Public Hearing” at:

Homeopathy’s safety record is unparalleled in the history of medicine. Hundreds
of scientific, preclinical, and clinical studies; as well as an immense data
set of epidemiological data show that homeopathy works. Homeopathy is extensively
used by affluent people who have access to the most cutting edge treatments
available. The Royal family of England is known to use homeopathy extensively for
years and still has a homeopathic physician on staff. Developing countries,
like India use homeopathy to treat their citizens in a cost effective manner.
Thus, homeopathy is a great equalizer, serving rich and poor, and offering healing
to all people.

Nonetheless, many key facts are widely misunderstood. Homeopathy has been an
integral part of U.S. healthcare for over a hundred years. Homeopathic
medicines have been regulated by the FDA since 1938, and since the 1980's the
FDA has recognized the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States as the
official document for homeopathic medications in the U.S. The tradition of
American homeopathy represents a very rich and valuable medical heritage, which
we must respect, uphold, and protect, in our current era of chronic disease and
environmental crisis. The FDA is not currently investigating the efficacy of
homeopathy, but the efficacy of its own policies towards safe use of homeopathy.

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