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Ban The Pangolin Trade

Ban The Pangolin Trade

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This petition has been created by Astrid A. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Astrid A.
started this petition to
Zhang Jianlong, State Forestry Administration, China
Pangolins are the world's most traded mammal, yet many of us don't even know they exist. The IUCN/SSC Pangolin Specialist Group estimate 1 million individuals were traded in the past decade – an entirely unsustainable rate when you consider that these solitary species only produce one offspring every year.

Pangolins are being poached to extinction in the wild to satisfy demand for their scales and meat - the former consumed as a medicine, and the latter as a luxury dish and status symbol.

They are currently listed on CITES Appendix II, which allows limited legal trade. Confusingly, 4 of the 8 species have a 0 trade quota due to threat of extinction. This, however, creates a dual-market, muddied trading landscape in which illegal poaching continues, smuggled pangolins are laundered into the legal market, and consumers are unaware of the unsustainable rate at which pangolins are being consumed.

An Appendix I CITES listing would ban all trade in pangolins and pangolin products/body parts, making law enforcement simpler, smuggling more difficult, and eliminate confusion among consumers. It will also allow devastated pangolin populations to recover and put an end to the exploitation of these imperilled animals.

Please sign and show your support.

To: Zhang Jianlong, Administrator, State Forestry Administration, China

Please support the Appendix I listing of all eight pangolin species at the upcoming Conference of Parties meeting in South Africa in September 2016. According to IUCN data, at least 1 million pangolins were traded in the last decade – a rate that is wholly unsustainable for a creature with such a slow reproductive rate – making pangolins the most trafficked mammals.

Though little is known of the pangolin due to its nocturnal, secretive nature, what is plain to see is that this shy, enigmatic creature will not be able to withstand market demand pressure. The pangolin populations in China have been decimated during the last few decades and are listed as critically endangered under the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. All eight pangolin species are threatened with extinction.

I pledge not to consume pangolin products and parts. I urge you to support the Appendix I listing for all pangolin species.