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Why this is important

Urgent petition from Oxfam France, OSIWA, Publish What You Pay and ROTAB

"In my country, almost 90% of the population has no access to electricity, while in France one in every three light bulbs is lit thanks to Niger’s uranium. The renegotiation of mining contracts between AREVA and the Nigerien government is a historic opportunity for us to change this ongoing resource curse. Nigerien citizens are now, more than ever before, fighting for this."

Ali Idrissa, director of ROTAB

For more than 40 years Areva has been extracting uranium from Niger, all the while benefitting from hefty tax privileges. Because of this, Niger does not receive enough revenues for the exploitation of its uranium. The result? Niger is both the fourth largest producer of uranium in the world and one of the poorest countries! Nearly 60% of the population continues to live on less than $ 1 per day.

At this very moment, Areva is renegotiating its exploitation contracts with Niger. However, the talks are being held behind closed doors and the French nuclear giant continues to put pressure on Niger to maintain its special tax exemptions and benefits. It is crucial to negotiate a fair deal on this new contract, as it will bind Niger for years to come. If poorly negotiated, the deal will continue to deprive Niger from essential revenues its citizens desperately need. With these funds, Niger’s government could better tackle recurrent food crises, invest in educational and agricultural developments and ensure the continuation of a free health care system that is under threat.

This unfair situation urgently needs to end!

- Because it is unacceptable that a company permits itself to haggle on its tax rate in the world's poorest state.

- Because Niger urgently needs its fiscal resources to effectively fight against poverty.

- Because it is time to tackle the lack of transparency in Africa’s extractive industries.

- Because France, shareholder of more than 80% of Areva, cannot claim to be powerless against the actions of the company!

We must put pressure on Areva so that the company accepts to rebalance its new deal with Niger.

But we must act quickly, as the contract could be signed at any moment and the next renegotiations may not happen for another ten years. Oxfam France, OSIWA, Publish What You Pay and ROTAB have launched an urgent campaign to pressure Areva. For the citizens of Niger, it's either now or in ten years!

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Posted November 22, 2013
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