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Abandoned in Afghanistan

Abandoned in Afghanistan


Why this is important

The Taliban called me, saying I'm “an infidel spy”, they know where I live and will “punish” me. My crime? To work as a translator for British troops and journalists here in Afghanistan. But together we can get Britain to save me and a few hundred others who have risked everything!

Right now, the British government is wondering whether to give me and other Afghan translators asylum, as the UK did for Iraqi translators -- and we're worried the answer will be no. We've worked with the British to help set our country free, and we’ve saved many British lives. But now my family and many others have had to go into hiding: every day we stay here it gets more dangerous.

David Cameron wants to offer us cash handouts, not asylum -- but if enough people call on him, we can change his mind. He's deciding on this right now, and your voices can make the difference -- sign and share our petition with everyone!

Image above: An Afghan interpreter wounded while on duty.

Posted February 14, 2013
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