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Why this is important

On Thursday, the 19th of March 2015, a young woman named Farkhunda was beaten and burnt to death, then her body was dumped into a river in Kabul city. She was wrongfully accused of setting the holy Quran on fire but no evidence were found later on. It is believed that a Mullah (Preacher) claimed she had set fire to the Quran, whereas, in reality it was just an amulet (Taweez).

There is nothing new about our people blindly following the words of these Mullahs but it's about time we take it seriously and put an end to this culture so no other Farkhunda loses her life.

Mullahs in Afghanistan and many third and second world countries claim that they can cure and heal people and get paid a fortune by their followers. Not just that, these Mullahs perform heinous crimes in the name of being pious and no one questions them.

We call for the Afghan Government and President Ashraf Ghani to:

1) bring the criminals of Farkhunda's death to justice;
1.1) take action through dismissals and prosecutions against those who are guilty of inciting, aiding or abetting the violence before and after the incident, including individuals who attacked Farkhunda, religious leaders, government ministers and other authorities.
1.2) take action against security officials and police present at the scene who negligently failed to take sufficient action.
2) Put a ban on this superstitious culture and make it illegal for people to sell and buy taweez' claiming the impossible.
3) Challenge the mob mentality, attitudes towards blasphemy and violence generally.

Posted March 23, 2015
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