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Outlaw the horrific dog and cat meat and fur trade within China

Outlaw the horrific dog and cat meat and fur trade within China


Why this is important

Version for Chinese readers: 中国非法,残忍的猫狗肉和皮草贸易。








1. 進入下網站--
2. 右側有藍底白字SIGN THIS PETITION字樣之下面有一長條空格填寫您的email
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Version for anglophone readers:

People of the East and West unite to call on the Chinese government to end the horrific dog and cat meat and fur trade within China. International media exposure and Chinese animal protection groups (such as TACN) have revealed the horrifying treatment of animals involved in this trade:

-- dogs and cats are transported to slaughterhouses in filthy, cramped crates; they are very stressed and frightened; they receive no food or water; many die a horrible death as a result.

-- dogs are routinely tortured and beaten to death; this is due to a medieval-style superstition that the meat will have enhanced properties as a result of the animal's pain (although there is absolutely no scientific foundation).

-- both dogs and cats are scalded, boiled and skinned alive in the cat and dog meat and fur trade. This constitutes some of the worst systematic animal cruelty known in the world today.

-- many of the victims of the dog and cat meat and fur trade are stolen pets! (photos of the recent cat rescue in Wuhan show many cats still wearing their collars!)

The international community, and the people of China are shocked and outraged by the disgraceful treatment of animals which, in the West, are respected and valued as companions and sources of help and support to man. We call on the Chinese government to remove this terrible stain on the international reputation of China.

This petition will be circulated on Weibo ('Chinese Twitter'). It will be gathered together with other, like-minded petitions, and these will be sent to Chinese embassies and leading newspapers.

Watch a hugely informative presentation on the dog and cat meat and fur trade given by native Chinese animal advocates here:

Please sign the petition and spread the word.

Stephanie Tepper, Elizabeth Tepper

Posted November 26, 2013
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