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United Nations: Step up for nuclear abolition

United Nations: Step up for nuclear abolition


Why this is important

The risk of a nuclear war by accident, miscalculation or intent has risen due to unstable leaders and unresolved tensions. According to the ‘Doomsday Clock’ the world is just ‘2 Minutes to Midnight’, the closest we have been to nuclear war since the height of the Cold War.

In 2017 the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution to hold a High Level Conference (like a Summit) in 2018 for nuclear disarmament. The conference would increase political, media and public pressure to prohibit and prevent any use of nuclear weapons, and to undertake measures to reduce and eliminate nuclear weapons globally.

However, manipulation and pressure by the nuclear-armed States might prevent this conference from proceeding. You can help keep the UN on track for nuclear abolition.

Add your name and share this petition. UNFOLD ZERO will forward this to Foreign Ministers, UN ambassadors and the President of the UN General Assembly before the UN makes its decision on the High Level Conference in October 2018.

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Posted August 3, 2018
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