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Stop Plastic Bag Use!

Stop Plastic Bag Use!


Why this is important

They pollute and poison the ocean and everything they come in contact with! Our water source is affected/ polluted! Bags suffocate/kill wildlife & marine life of all shapes and sizes... even whales right off our very own coast! We Can Do Something! Plastic grocery bags need to be a thing of the PAST! Only use Re-Usable bags... or ask for Paper as a last resort! Yes... "some" grocery stores provide a recycling bin at the store... and Yes... "some" businesses already use paper only... but that's NOT enough! Only 10% of plastic grocery bags are actually deposited in those recycle bins at the store/ recycled! Everyone is NOT doing their part... so we need to completely BAN the use of any plastic grocery bags in all businesses here! We can only take care of our own Coastline and make a difference here in the Town Of Surfside Beach, SC! Let's Do This and make an impact!! When You go to the store... just take your own bag!! Tell them you do NOT want these plastic bags used here at our beach! It's just good common sense and the Right thing to do!! Please sign this petition and help us get everyone to do what is BEST for All of us!!
Posted November 10, 2013
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