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British Columbia Premier Christy Clark and Mike Corrigan, CEO BC Ferries: Reduce Ferry Fares and No Cuts to Service

British Columbia Premier Christy Clark and Mike Corrigan, CEO BC Ferries: Reduce Ferry Fares and No Cuts to Service


Why this is important

In April 2014, with Government support, BC Ferries will implement DRASTIC SERVICE CUTS and FARE INCREASES that will have a crippling effect on coastal communities and the Provincial economy.

SOS – B.C.’s Coastal Communities Need Your Help!

Tourism is a sustainable, profitable, truly Green industry already deeply established along B.C.’s coast. Increasing fares and devastating FERRY SERVICE CUTS are NOT THE ANSWER to the economic issues in our Province. We need the B.C. Government to create an affordable, adequate ferry system that will meet the needs of the coastal communities and KEEP TOURISM ALIVE IN B.C.!

Coastal communities comprise 20% of B.C.’s population and contribute 36% of provincial tax revenues. This region contributes $1.7 billion (or 17%) to the Province’s $11 billion tourism industry. Tourism is one of our most valuable industries for good reason. This vast coastline has one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems: rainforests, mountains, rivers, and a vast network of inlets and islands providing habitat for a multitude of wildlife species, including whales, sea lions, seals, otters, bears, cougars, wolves, eagles, pacific wild salmon, and hundreds of species of birds. Visitors come to the coast for recreation and adventure: hiking, biking, kayaking, sailing, sports fishing, camping, surfing, swimming and ocean diving.

Ferry fare hikes have spiked as high as 142% over the past 10 years. And in this time, 3.2 million visitors have been lost due to reductions in ferry services and rising fares to Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and Northern coastal communities. A recent study of one Gulf Island’s economy showed that a savings of $400,000 to BC ferries revenues is projected to cause a loss of $5.7 million to this community. We can expect similar effects up and down the coastline.

The B.C. government refuses to listen to reason from their own constituents, from local and national businesses, and from international tourism companies.

BC's Government describes BC Ferries as “heavily subsidized,” when in fact it is the least subsidized of all major vehicle-carrying ferry systems in the world. Alaska and Washington States' policy is clear; keep ferry rates low. They have proven the benefits to the economy far exceed the Government subsidies. While B.C.’s Government-controlled, private ferry corporation has a bloated management, increasingly inefficient service and continually rapidly rising fares.

Tell Premier Christy Clark and Mike Corrigan, CEO, BC Ferries to REDUCE FERRY FARES and NO CUTS TO SERVICES!

Posted March 17, 2014
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