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Caroline Kennedy: Continue to speak out to end the Taiji dolphin slaughter

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Caroline Kennedy: Continue to speak out to end the Taiji dolphin slaughter


Why this is important

Caroline took a significant risk to her reputation in January, 2014, by speaking out boldly and firmly against the Taiji, Japan dolphin hunt. The city of Taiji continues to be infamous for a local practice where dolphins are herded into a cove (by use of frightening sound), where they are tortured and then (a) brutally killed for the sale of dolphin meat (full of mercury), (b) sold to the marine park industry (at an estimated $40-80,000 per dolphin) or (c) the "lucky" ones are released after having witnessed their family members being killed or captured. The dolphins killed for meat are slaughtered en masse by the fishermen who sever their spinal cords with repeated insertion of a metal rod (a new method that does not affect their brain, leaving the dolphin "conscious" to the terror). While many fishermen have defended the practice in Taiji, pointing to "tradition", the truth behind the brutal practice cannot be hidden behind this facade. This is no way for a sentient mammal to die. Let us not forget that slavery was also a "tradition" for far too long. This unacceptable practice was brought to light by the 2009 Oscar-winning documentary, The Cove. Despite the numerous efforts to end the practice, we are still working to change the minds of the authorities who continue to allow it to proceed... and change them we will!

Caroline took office in November, 2013 as the new U.S. Ambassador to Japan. In response to the news that the next slaughter was on the brink of taking place, Caroline tweeted, "Deeply concerned by inhumaneness of drive hunt dolphin killing. USG opposes drive hunt fisheries.” She has met with fierce resistance from many high-ranking Japanese officials and now is the time to show her support and encourage her to continue down this path. We cannot stop until the practice has come to an end. Caroline is in a unique position of power and authority, both in the US and in Japan. She has the ability to persistently pursue the ceasing of the dolphin cove killings until a change takes place. We can help her to push forward by joining together and raising up her platform. Please join me in supporting Caroline!

Image is (c) Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Posted January 26, 2014
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