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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel: Stop over regulation of E-cigs

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel: Stop over regulation of E-cigs


Why this is important

This petition is to serve as a voice of the community that supports limited regulations of sale and use of "E-cigs" in Chicago, IL. The City is attempting to over regulate the "E-cig" and include it in anti-smoking bans which would impose strict regulations on sale and use of a product that has been deemed by numerous studies to be "harmless". This over regulation without proper scientific evidence to support the dangers of "e-cigs" is an unjust effort at criminalizing a behavior that is helping many individuals stop use of extremely toxic conventional cigarettes. By imposing this ban the city will be showing the disregard it has for the health of the individual and exemplifying the ability of big tobacco to influence the decisions of our Government. Please retract the proposed ban on "E-cigs" and work with local industry supporters to compile an appropriate regulatory framework for this product.
Posted December 7, 2013
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