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Dear President Xi Jinping:
You must have been very busy and scared over the last year since you took power. Inside the party, you’ve been fighting with the flies and tigers, as you describe your anti-corruption campaign. And over the last few months, to deal with the people you govern, you’ve mobilized so many police forces, armored vehicles, SWAT teams, dogs and even elderly ladies (850,000 in Beijing alone), because you’re scared of the so-called terrorists -- the self immolators of Tibet, Uighurs from East Turkestan and those who dare to mention the sensitive words such as June 4, Tiananmen and even “candle”.
You have criminally detained more than 50 people since early May. We the public were only informed by your China News Agency on June 9 of the youngest victim -- a 22-year-old college student named Zhao Huaxu who’s criminally detained in Beijing for proposing ONE idea on Twitter, which your Great Firewall has blocked. I assume the Chinese police are allowed to read Twitter when 1.3 billion Chinese aren’t.
Zhao is a second year student at my alma mater, the Beijing Second Foreign Languages Institute. She’s a very idealistic young woman who clearly shows courage and independent thinking through her Tweets. The idea that she proposed on Twitter is about how to spread the truth about Tiananmen Massacre, which I survived 25 years ago. Hundreds of unarmed innocent students and civilians didn’t. Why are you so scared of the truth? Why are you even so scared of a young woman who wrote a few words on a blocked website, which people in China can’t see anyway?
One of Zhao’s last Tweets, well, actually a retweet, is a picture of the Tank Man. I’m sure you’ve heard of him, the nameless young man who stood in front of a row of tanks on the Avenue of Eternal Peace on June 5, 1989. The image is one of the 100 most powerful pictures of the 20th century, which inspired millions of people around the world, to this day.
Millions of Tank Man have been born, unafraid of standing against tyranny. Zhao is today’s Tank Woman. She’s sharp tongued, sports very handsome short hair and is a real cool kid.
What crimes that landed her in detention? Her proposal that a few people retweeted, including myself, but no one took action to materialize it? Perhaps what you hate the most is Zhao’s Tweet about your ‘China Dream’: “May 4th and China Dream activity report of the Communist Youth League, a forced collection of essays on the China Dream. Don’t want to say much, all of us were just doing it for the sake of it. The Youth League Committee of the university only wanted to finish the task to avoid looking pale. So I led the whole class to pose for photos only for five minutes before going for a meal. As for collecting essays, all we found on the Internet are the same, all patched together. The original sentence is nonsense, so it’s indeed impossible to expand it into anything.”
Zhao is full of dreams. Her description of herself on her Twitter profile is: “Want to raise medical workers’ status and benefits in China/Also seeking equal rights for homosexual people/Dreaming of studying science and technology but somehow fell into an English major/Love floral shirts, big pants and flip flops”.
Who gave you the right to persecute such a beautiful innocent young person similar to your daughter’s age? Do you realize what you’ve done? You made her a Tank Woman, she and the Tank Man will keep inspiring more Tank Man who are willing to stand in front of despots like you, Xitler, as many Chinese call you “lovingly”. Our dream is make sure all people who have to live in China are free to say, to write whatever they want to express, as stated in the Chinese Constitution that you clearly have violated many times, like your predecessors. Our dream is to make sure all people live as real human beings, with rights that we were born with.
We still don’t know who Tank Man was, but now we know who Zhao Huaxu is, and we’ll make sure the whole world knows about her, and knows how stupid you are, standing against the whole humanity, against the history.

Posted June 10, 2014
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