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Den Haag Mayor Jozias Van Aartsen: "We call on you to save our children from child traffic in Nederland"

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Den Haag Mayor Jozias Van Aartsen: "We call on you to save our children from child traffic in Nederland"


Why this is important

Dear friends,

6 years old Sue Ellen was taken away from her friends and family since 18.08.2012 by the Police and the child protectors *BJZ* Den Haag in Nederland.

i`m Auxilia silva Dos Santos mother of Sue Ellen been fighting to have my daughter back home for 2 years now! i can see her only once a month for an hour, been in the tribunal many times by myself and my lawyer against the child protectors the judges decided and take decision to do anything about my daughter life!the parents don`t have words to defend them self for a fair justice in Nederland...

Back in 2006, losing my house and my life since i was forced to divorce my run away husband Philippe Glaude,ex engineer in European Space Agency (E.S.A) in Nederland.Now he leaves in China (Beijing) as a President and General Manager for IDMLASER tm in China...
As a mother is so pain full to fund out i was in the media as a kidnapper and abuser to my own daughter will i was on holly day in Belgium with my daughter,went to report my self to the Police and i was arrested and forced to take them to my mum so they can take my daughter on the 18.08.2012!

I did ask the video in the tram where a i was accused by the police and the child protectors *BJZ* Den Haag in Nederland i was abusing my daughter? The judges,the child protectors,griff,my lawyer and i all watched the videos in the courts, they were guilty to fund out the true and year later they give me 100 euros, my lawyer 500 euros for having me in custody for 24 hours so they can close the case...never heard any thing about the case again, i did ask my lawyer a copy of the video and she told me you better fund another lawyer...I do believe the Nederland using my daughter as a traffic for the tax money my run away husband Philippe Glaude owed the Nederland Governance.

They have been giving my 6 years old ABILIFY since she was 5 years old,using her like a rabbit in Nederland University of research with out my accord as her mother.i am a single mother of five who as been stole her life and her kids by the Nederland Governance,i am a fighter who never will given up for her children and other children around the World!

Please help!You beautiful peoples out there help me speak up for all parents to have a words,witness in court in Nederland and bring those child traffickers Mr Philippe Glaude, the child protectors *BJZ* and the Tax Administration to the World News. I have all the evidences and documents for my daughter life and i to my lawyer...

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this petition and come forward to stop the child traffic in Nederland!..Sharing this to your friends and family will help free Sue Ellen and other children are or been in this Traffic around the world.
P.s.*every Hrs,Mins and a Secs our children are being abuse by the Power of the children traffickers in Nederland or around the World and we out there watching and suffering...


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Tel; 0031617533286

Posted June 11, 2014
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