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Directorate of Tourism, Meghalaya: Help to ensure survival of The Nongriat Valley & scrap plans for new road

Directorate of Tourism, Meghalaya: Help to ensure survival of The Nongriat Valley & scrap plans for new road


Why this is important

In a place of outstanding natural beauty in which village
life, rich culture, and a harmony between man and nature have sustained for over 200 years, plans for a new road guarantees that this unbroken balance will come to a disastrous end.

The construction of this new road will link the villages of
Tyrna and Nongthymmai. Nongthymmai and its neighbouring villages lie within the pristine nature of the Nongriat Valley. The Valley itself is currently only accessible by foot, thus limiting the number of visitors to a manageable level at which the ecosystem can support.

The Nongriat Valley’s lush green rain-forests, waterfalls, crystal clear rivers and of course, its historic root bridges draw tourists from all over the globe. Currently, village life and infrastructure has been able to accommodate this influx of human traffic, however, the new road will increase tourism to an unprecedented level. The results to both nature and village life would be catastrophic due to the pollution of cars and an inability to dispose of the increased human garbage.

The people of the Nongriat Valley have done all they can to protect their home and the habitat of an unbelievable array of wildlife including birds, insects, monkeys, brown bears, barking dears, leopards, moose, mongoose and more. Now with your help we can ensure that they can continue to uphold the values and guardianship that have sustained this magnificent paradise. By signing this petition we can put international pressure on the department of tourism and show that this road is not just unnecessary, but that the international community is openly against its construction. If this petition is successful The Nongriat Valley will remain a place of beauty that can be enjoyed by all who visit and live here.

Posted June 15, 2016
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