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EU foreign policy chief F.Mogherini & State representatives of the Turkey: Free Yannis-Vasilis Yaylali!

This petition is awaiting approval by the Avaaz Community
EU foreign policy chief F.Mogherini & State representatives of the Turkey: Free Yannis-Vasilis Yaylali!


Why this is important

Dear friends we are glad to announce that on the 25th of July 2018, the Turkish court let Yannis-Vasilis Yaylali free with restrictive terms, until the 3rd of December that is the next court date.

Still, until the 3rd of Decemeber we 'll let our campaign open so as everyone is able to see his case 'till now and to be able to sign in solidarity Yiannis-Vasilis Yaylali.


The Turkish government has arrested the peace activist and conscientious objector Yannis‐Vasilis Yaylali after a publishment on his blog about the Armenian‐Greek‐Assyrian Genocide by the Turkish state.

His arrest on the 22nd of April 2017 for the Turkish state might be an arrest of a lesser known activist while other well‐known journalists, academics, lawyers and even members of the parliament are being arrested, but for us his arrest means much more. If together we make Yannis‐Vasilis Yaylali case known, the Turkish government will have much more to loose than to gain from his imprisonment.

Sign our urgent vote to set him free!

Yannis‐Vasilis Yaylali is a Turkish citizen of Greek nationality born in the Bafra area of the Black sea coast.
He has published a lot of articles about the 1914‐1923 Genocide commited by the Turkish state, about the human rights of the Kurds in Turkey and the massacre of Roboski of 2011 by the Turkish state. Standing with the Kurds of Roboski he and his partner Meral Geylani moved and settled in the Roboski village in 2012.

Yannis‐Vasilis Yaylali before he was jailed he was also organizing every year anti‐military youth workshops in the dates before the Roboski massacre commemorations. He is a member of the conscientious objectors organization "" member of the global "War Resisters International" an organization with presence in 40 countries.

He was arrested in 22 of April 2017, two days before the commemoration of the Armenian genocide after publishing an article about the Genocide of the Armenians and the Greeks. You can still see his last tweet the same day of his arrest...

Sign our petition to set him free!

Yannis‐Vasilis is now detained in a military prison in Elazig, that means:
a)That the jail is geographically remoted, difficult for someone to visit either to stay on the local area, even if it is his lawyer.
b) It is very difficult for someone to contact Yannis‐Vasilis, his lawyer is not allowed to talk to him on the phone an his family is discouraged to call him creating bureaucracy difficulties.
c) The procedures are very strict and needs a special appointment for someone to visit him.
d) For the above reasons from April till today (early October) only his lawyer has spoken and visited him four to five times. He has also sent and received a couple of letters by his partner Meral.
e) The conditions of the military jail of Elazig is three times worse than the average jail in Turkey... Also, money sent to him by his own people to improve his everyday conditions where not given to him by the jail authorities.

Sign now to set him free!

Yannis‐Vasilis Yaylali was born and raised as Turk, during his compulsory military service in the Turkish army he learned that his grandfather was Greek and that his father was taken from him and given to a Turkish family during the Genocide period 1914‐1923. So as long as he continues to speak about the UN convention on genocide about "forcibly transfering children from one group to another" he is highly unwelcome to the Turkish state.

The International Federation of Pontian Greeks, the Athens Bar Association and the Turkish organizations AKA‐DER, ESP, HDP and IHD Ankara demand Yannis‐Vasilis Yaylali to be released immediately.

Sign our vote
to end his imprisonment and we will deliver your voice to a representative of the EU and a representative of the Turkish state.

Want even more information on our case?
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‐The Turkish organizations 1) AKA‐DER 2) ESP 3) HDP 4)IHD Ankara call: Yannis‐Vasilis Yaylali to be release and “Yalniz Degildir” (He is not alone):

‐The International Federation of Pontian Greeks asks for the immediate release of Yannis‐Vasilis Yaylali:

‐The Athens Bar Association (Greece) condemns the ongoing assault on human rights in Turkey mentioning the cases of Yannis‐Vasilis Yaylali, Idil Eser (Director of Amnesty International Turkey) and Taner Kılıç (Head of Amnesty International Turkey):

Posted September 29, 2017
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