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EU member states : EU should follow OSCE advice to solve the Ukrainian crisis now!

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EU member states : EU should follow OSCE advice to solve the Ukrainian crisis now!


Why this is important

EU should take quick action based on the proposal made by the OSCE representative for a return to peaceful means for solving the Ukrainian crisis. On 21st of February EU signed an agreement with the opposition and the past government which included the need for constitutional reform in Ukraine. This part of the international agreement is still valid.

Ambassador Tim Guldimann, Personal Envoy of the Swiss OSCE Chairperson-in-Office on Ukraine has called for decentralization as the central task of the government in Kiev. (See Die Zeit. 9.4.2014.)This is not only a demand in the Eastern Ukraine, where many Russian-born Ukrainians live, but also in the west of the country. "Local and regional representatives are demanding greater involvement in policy processes and also want a say over public spenditure." If the Ukrainian government addresses this issue, it would, according to Guldimann be an important step towards stabilizing the country.

We request EU to give its full support to this advice from a representative of a neutral country which is the present chair of OSCE. The situation in Ukraine has detoriated. The EU should act now to become a constructive party contributing to solving the crisis in a peaceful way.

Posted April 10, 2014
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