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Education System in Myanmar

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Education System in Myanmar


Why this is important

Education is often the best tool for creating wealth and happiness. Education can help people long-term economic prospects and help our self to obtain, keep, and maintain a home or business in the future.

13 reasons - why education is important?

1. Allows you to get a higher paying job, which allows you to be more financially secure.

2. Teaches you how to handle responsibility.

3. Gives you the necessary tools to think for yourself and back up your arguments.

4. Exposes you to more of your peers allowing you to see and experience diversity and different points of view.

5. Helps you realize your potential, which allows you to empower yourself to do more than you thought you could do before.

6. In the process of getting an education, you make new friends, and these friendships could last a lifetime.

7. Gives you a better, more developed understanding of the world and current events.

8. Opens up the possibility of more job opportunities.

9. Allows you to learn the mistakes of those who came before you, so that you do not repeat the same mistakes.

10. Learn time management skills and getting things done on time.

11. School teaches you that every bad action made has a discipline which goes with it.

12. Develop social skills for interacting with people you do not normally interact with.

13. Teaches you organizational skills which will one day come in handy.


Posted July 10, 2013
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