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Stop the Apuan Alps's destruction

Stop the Apuan Alps's destruction


Why this is important

Thanks to modern technology, about 300 marble quarries of the Apuan Alps district are inflicting to the mountains the worst environmental disaster in Europe.

The quarries on the ridge and processing waste pollute springs and rivers, trucks foul the air of particulate matter, the big works (tunnels, viaducts, already carried out or designed) worsen the hydrogeological instability, which increases geometrically from year to year endangering the health and safety of the inhabitants. About 9 million tons of marble are produced each year, the 3/4 broken into flakes mostly intended for the building and for the production of calcium carbonate to make toothpaste, paper bleaches, and paradoxical filters to the aqueducts, certainly not to provide blocks to Michelangelo.

We must gradually close all the quarries, converting the local economy into sustainable ways.

Posted October 15, 2013
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