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Government of South Africa, UN, Other Governments - Global: Help Cape Town!

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Government of South Africa, UN, Other Governments - Global: Help Cape Town!


Why this is important

The ever popular and beautiful city of Cape Town is in a water shortage disaster, literally counting the days to day 0 when it runs out of water. National government is deflecting blame to municipal and vice versa turning it into a political conflict rather than attending to it with the extreme urgency it requires. Please help us ask the Government of South Africa to give Cape Town whatever financing it needs to divert day 0 ‐ when the water supply to houses is turned off completely. Someone needs to intervene before the city runs out of water. The citizens in the greater City of Cape Town are already doing everything they can to conserve water and find alternative supplies thereof, there simply is not enough and not enough financing or aid is available to solve the problem. Industry and agriculture is also suffering. Being less than 2 months away before taps are turned off... we need help. Sign this petition if you think the ANC should stop trying to make it a municipal problem. Sign this petition if you would like to see other powers that be offer the country aid or alternate solutions.

Posted January 27, 2018
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