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Uganda Please Destroy 3 tons of Blood Ivory - don't return it!

Uganda Please Destroy 3 tons of Blood Ivory - don't return it!


Why this is important

You may be aware that 2.9 tonne shipment of ivory was recently impounded by the Ugandan government. However, in a complete bizarre turn of events, a high court judge in Uganda has ordered that the ivory be "returned" to the "owner" Kayumba Emille Ogane - the Congolese "businessman" against whom currently exist criminal charges and who is "on the run".

All across Africa, an elephant is being killed every 15 minutes and at this rate none will exist in the wild within our lifetime. Countries across the world are burning ivory stockpiles in an attempt to send a message that the world is united in an attempt to save this noble species and will not tolerate the illicit trade in ivory. This judgement is a slap in the face of these efforts and will be a mighty step back in conservation efforts if upheld.

This ivory must be destroyed so that the kingpins of the illicit wildlife trade understand that the world is no longer going to let them continue operating wantonly. If this decision by a Ugandan High Court Judge to release the ivory is upheld it will be a massive failure to all efforts in elephant conservation in the world today.

Let us support Uganda in making the most optimal decision and send a clear message to ivory cartels around the world - there is no way we are going to let you get away with it anymore!

To read more about the issues at hand these two articles provide more clarity:

Posted March 1, 2014
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