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Governor Perry Remove Dangerous Smart Meters Keep Texas Power Grid Independent

This petition is awaiting approval by the Avaaz Community
Governor Perry Remove Dangerous Smart Meters Keep Texas Power Grid Independent


Why this is important

Dangerous Wireless smart meters are being installed on your home and business - without your permission..
Simply remove them restore Safe Analog issues only electric data usage.
In April 2013 the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer released a detailed report explaining its designation of smart meter and other radiofrequency emissions as a possible human cancer agent.
• These controversial wireless devices have never been tested for health effects. Across the
country, people report dizziness, nausea, memory loss, muscle spasms, insomnia and
other physical ailments upon having a wireless meter installed.
• In areas where wireless smart meters are deployed, customers report overbilling (1,600
meters in California were just recalled due to a defect that was overcharging customers),
wireless interference with pacemakers and other medical devices, and wireless interference
with baby monitors, security systems, Wi-Fi and Netflix.
• Other states, cities and towns have rejected smart meter installation for a variety of reasons,
including health concerns, skyrocketing electric bills, problems with privacy/hacking,
electrical fires and electronic interference with medical devices and other wireless
equipment. States like Hawaii and Maryland nixed their smart meter programs because they
found smart meters would likely cost more than they would save.
• Smart meters differ from other wireless devices because they are involuntary, and they cannot be turned off. Smart meters operate in mesh networks, transmitting intense bursts of
radiofrequency signals back and forth among homes, collecting and transmitting personal data
about our electricity usage without our permission. A national cybersecurity firm tested five
models of smart meters and determined that all are hackable.
• Radiofrequency radiation has been documented to have biological effects on living tissue:
DNA breaks, sleep disturbance, heart palpitations, learning impairment, fatigue and cancers.
Children, pregnant women, seniors, people with medical implants and compromised immune
systems are most vulnerable. Smart meters emit RF radiation 24/7 – the same kind of
radiation that has been classified as a “possible human carcinogen” by the World Health
Organization. Engine exhaust and DDT are in this same category. Would you want your home
sprayed continuously with DDT?
Just Say NO!
No to increased utility costs
No to required appliance change outs
No to radio transmitted smart meter radiation associated with
memory loss and a range of other symptoms
No to invasion of privacy and remote shut downs
No to uninsurable liability consequences
No to the FCC & WHO safety and health standards that are
based on inadequate studies not specific to smart meters
No to cumulative long term radiation exposures from multiple
meter installation and meter network communicating back and forth
Refuse the smart meter until a specific study has been done
proving no ill health and safety effects (E.I.R.)

Three Power Grids in US East, West, Texas Independent Texas has its OWN Independent Power Grid DON'T BE GOBBLED UP by East and West Coast Grid. Devastating effects on costs for Texans.

Posted July 28, 2013
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